1965 MUSTANG 'GT' 2+2



1965 Mustang ‘GT’ 2+2 just gorgeous high gloss Raven Black paint presentation with Red side GT stripes, full GT lighting and exhaust, an AACA Award Winner, now even better with a fresh built dated engine and with factory dated 4-speed that is part of a terrific fresh restoration completed for top Driven Show condition…all set for the demanding collector!  note great emphasis on the full mechanicals, brand new fresh build of the proper dated C5 289cid GT engine with all new internals, the hydraulic lifter have an uprated camshaft and lifters, heavy duty clutch system, should produce about 275+ horsepower today, restored radiator, proper Cobra ‘Open’ finned valve covers and dress-up kit, dated 4-speed transmission with new shift linkage, full suspension detailed with show markings full springs, under hood Monte Carlo bar, Shelby 1” sway bar, dual chrome outside mirrors, 1965 styled steel wheels, red line show  tires, fresh brand new SSBC front GT disc brakes, full black interior, original Rally Pac, rear fold down seat, factory wood wheel and black dash, safety belts, the red oxide underchassis and inner floors are just spectacular as prepared for top show presentation, full top mechanical work just completed by the professionals at Fraser Dante along with the outstanding cosmetics being ready for Summer 2017 ready to win Fall shows, photos and LINKS in this report document the condition, this is one of the top classic Mustangs that Fraser Dante has restored, the Fraser Dante staff is able to discuss the quality restoration done in our shop for the new collector to have confidence in this terrific restored classic Mustang, the below report explains in detail how well prepared this top investment quality 1965 Mustang 2+2 is today with standards that appeal to a worldwide audience,

History: from a history of two known collectors for many years, Fraser Dante knew this car for a while as it was part of a personal collection of a multi-stored Ford dealer, it was first offered for sale and fully checked out cosmetically, we could not work out a price, then at another later moment a deal was made by Fraser Dante by paying a most substantial sum because the body, paint, underchassis and engine detailing was to the highest stock standards, it was show prepared to cosmetic just exceptional conditions, this had sat in said collection for a while being constantly detailed with battery charged, presented with all the GT exterior changes, this had the front GT grill lights and the rear GT exhaust, stock suspension with the engine being highly detailed with items like the ‘keepers’ on the exhaust manifolds being brand new, since Fraser Dante strives to build the ‘best classic Mustangs’, we had a plan to bring then the final build to top GT standards with disc braking, check of suspension and rebuilt motor, thusly now completed is the strong newly rebuilt dated engine is completed in the professional shop of Fraser Dante, said engine was original to the car when purchased, 

AACA show history/data tag: note that there is a copy of the Ford Factory brochure that goes with the car for show presentation that explains the car (LINK), this great Mustang ‘GT’ 2+2 has a Data Tag confirming this gorgeous Raven Black car with the factory 4-speed transmission (SEE LINK), these sheets show how the car was made and initially found by Fraser Dante, next, note that this is a First Place Winner with AACA with two plaques that go with the car and its history (LINK), these were the standards when purchased and then taken to an even higher level with the uprated and documented mechanicals by Fraser Dante…great experience to produce a really a great car both in cosmetics and mechanicals! see photos of parts restored (LINK),

Engine: since it is believed that the original engine was never rebuilt since this was used a trailered show car, now this stock 289cid engine is a fresh build today, better than factory with the machine shop and the Fraser Dante team build, (LINK), with a casting of C5AE, see the attached sheet giving all the ‘numbers’ on this dated engine and the heads (SEE LINK), this is completed from the breakdown of the engine, taken by our truck to the high tech machine shop and the picked up to the machine shop with the complete build process (SEE LINK) for full vatting and boring of the block, then the full build kit with pistons and rings, note that the engine is built +.040 over with the crank turned .+010 with new bearings, freeze plugs new thermostat,

After the machine shop work, the engine and heads were brought back to Fraser Dante, our in house top Senior Tech then rebuilt and assembled the engine with great car checking all poundage when torquing the engine in the said assemble, see photos of the build (LINK), then the radiator was redone, new 7-blade flex fan installed for better cooling, then new water pump, all new belts and white striped hoses, pcv valve hose, heater hoses, tower clamps are then used for show presentation, a rebuilt round case alternator with Gates belt, and re-installed (LINK),

Heads:  just chosen for the street is the special Doug Herbert low end torque cam shaft installed, this was made for us by Doug before he just retired, ground for strong street performance with low end torque, strong horsepower and a maximum rpm of 5500 that is perfect for the street, has new cam bearings, the full dated hydraulic lifter heads have been rebuilt with machine shop flat surfacing, then new valves that are worked for unleaded gas, fresh valve springs, retainers, said head numbers are pass ’65 4.h.7 289, and drivers 65 4.h.14 289, the intake is a Edelbrock aluminum unit painted black to look like a stock unit, new fresh distributor with points, it is an Autolite C5AE-12127 M 5.D.0, new rotor, points and condensor, round case alternator with new Gates belt, yellow top ignition coil,

Fraser Dante has just installed the new heavy duty Ram clutch system just installed as this expensive heavy duty unit is the best quality for optimum performance (SEE LINK), full testing by the staff of Fraser Dante is just completed, then detailed to top MCA driven show presentation, transmission numbers (LINK),

note the expensive ‘Open’ Cobra valve covers with Felpro gaskets, these are very desired as they were used on the real Shelby Cobras, the proper Cobra chrome air cleaner with the hi-po orange air filter, in order for the exhaust to work well, this has plained heads and the exhaust manifolds with gaskets and ‘keepers’, new show MCA factory spark plug wires, AutoLite #45 spark plugs, these heads and manifolds connect to the brand new custom bent dual aluminized ‘H’ pipe exhaust system with mellow mufflers exiting via the GT chrome exhaust tips and bumper valence, road test completed,

Fuel system: also included is the brand new factory fuel tank system, rear insulation and sending unit (LINK) to insure clean and fresh fuel for really great driving, this install includes the full tank with all the fuel intake system and then the lines that go to the engine, new fuel pump, all of this insures great engine operation with clean fuel,

Driveshaft: a Fraser Dante added benefit is that at considerable expense we had the driveshaft professionally rebuilt by our top sub, the main tube is tube spun and fully checked, new “U” joints installed to make sure this is vibration free and strong, the slip yoke has even been addressed, said the balanced, restored driveshaft in order to insure safe and vibration free driving, fully balanced and strength checked, new yokes and slip joints restored, then painted black to protect (LINK), then correctly striped with dual red and single blue markings, picked up and reinstalled after the chassis detail, this whole process of the driveline work alone is a $630 addition including the trips to take and return, then a test drive is done to check,

Underchassis/body: one of the high points about the car at this juncture is the fantastic inner floors and the underchassis of this rust free Mustang, these are in just exceptional condition, very hard to find so original and solid, these floors couple the bottom rockers with the side ‘pinch’ lower rocker rails and lower rocker moldings long with Ford stampings, they all appear to be ‘as factory’ and unmolested, (LINK) very hard to find such quality with the then show preparation, the restoration staff has new red oxide just applied to protect and present for show conditions (SEE LINK),

Floors/interior/trunk: photos document the very solid and really exceptional show quality floors that are believed to be the original floors that are prepared with fresh red oxide, these are show ready,
all signs that the front fenders and the rear quarters are also factory original, the sides are very straight, the trunk area is also in top shape, the inner trunk panels have the factory sealant, has the full size spare and jack, proper plaid cover for inside trunk,    

Suspension/Running Gear: brand new fresh brakes around, has the very desired new front Stainless Steel front GT discs system just installed, all new brake lines both steel and the rubber fittings, this is the best system available for the stock presentation, these units are the same ones of top quality that Fraser Dante used on the famous Charlie Kemp 1965 Shelby GT 350 R model race car that sold for $984,500 at Amelia Island, also the rear drums are just done with shoes and hardware, note the photos at Fraser Dante to document this effort just completed (LINK), Note the photos of the new correct striped red front coil springs and purchasers that have all of the factory markings for top judging show presentation, the rear leaf springs are also new with show green and yellow markings, 

Wheels and tires:  great 14x5.5 ’65 styled steel wheels, center caps, lug nuts, the very expensive dual redline Goodyear Power Cushion 6.95x14 show tires, the front ‘A’ arms, control arms are new with new bushings, 1” Shelby sway bar (SEE LINK), full complete front suspension included all upper and lower ball joints are new and detailed for show, has the proper show red line tires that are fitted, then after the install, then full alignment is completed with full specs (LINK), the car is now tested 3 times to make sure it performs to really top standards,

Interior: here again is part of the full restoration, this has a full standard black restored factory correct interior with well padded bucket seats, black safety belts, nice black door panels along with inside and outside door handles, new black carpet, full terrific black dash pad, factory correct wood tri-spoke steering wheel, factory AM radio, excellent proper bezel, working original 1965 ralley pac 6000 rpm tachometer that is hard to find, the clock does not work as these units are impossible to fix today, the stock shifter and linkage with reverse lockout is correct,
Summary: this Classic Mustang GT 2+2 is highly desired in its correct ‘a’ Code, 4-speed great clutch system, and a really a great presentation with straight body and great luster to the paint, here with the newly rebuilt engine, all braking, fresh show prep for the paint, this ‘new’ engine has been gone through to insure driving can be enjoyed, all suspension completed as Fraser Dante has made every effort with all final testing to ensure this can be driven safely and with real enjoyment as well as top cosmetics for show or going to dinner, this is now ready as finished Summer 2017 for Fall 2017 to win top Driven Show standards, Owner's Manual (LINK), amazing quality in cosmetics, suspension and full new drivetrain set up by professionals, well offered at $60,000