1959 AUSTIN HEALEY 100/6 BN6



1959 Austin Healey 100/6 rare BN6 two seater model that is one of the most gorgeous automotive designs in history, this amazing 1959 BN6 is a fully frame-off restored example to factory exacting specifications with said facts shown in this very long report that is most important to both current and past history and condition! Many LINKS) attached show many of the factual figures and photos including taken to the  prestigious Festival of Speed show at valon North Atlanta, said photos also of the a really just spectacular underchassis out of the Fraser Dante shop, very hard to find a factory BN6 that is the very desired rare 2 seat version, drivable automotive art! just a gorgeous original factory Colorado Red color presented with amazing luster, the interior is the proper red leather buckets, Wilton red carpets, the detachable factory sofftop is black as specs, has the hard to find newly presented side windows as shown in trunk, the rebuilt matching numbers dated 2639cc 6 cylinder engine that is fitted with receipted special British pistons, just set restored dual SU HD6 carberators, this later engine delivers 117 horsepower with a very stout 149 lbs of torque, really great strong compression just taken, the dry cold excellent readings of 141 to the 153 lb. range, beautiful stainless exhaust system, rare restored factory Coventry copper brass radiator, has a show detailed engine bay, all new proper show quality wiring, the 4-speed transmission has a lower geared rear end that comes with overdrive yields the wonderful example of British Motorsport, see the (LINK) of the important numbers of this fine Austin Healey, this rare example produced at the Abington has the full documentation from the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust certificate (SEE LINK), factory optional argent wire wheels, note that the factory large drum brake full system has just been checked by the Fraser Dante staff and our senior British tech, the great solid underchassis is just upgraded with documented Fraser Dante work to present in exceptionally high standards, (LINK) proper Armstrong swing arm shock system, strong front coil springs, front sway bar, many previous receipts and statement from the last owner (LINK) that follow the history PLUS the new fresh restoration work at Fraser Dante, this really great Austin Healey 100/6 BN6 came through said Fraser Dante restoration shop again, over 125++ hours by Fraser Dante just used in this lower chassis presentation, tune and show prepared process,
BOOK/MAGAZINES:  Excellent information regarding the 100/6 in the “Austin-Healey 100 & 3000 Series” book by Graham Robson, along with magazine ad referencing the Austin-Healey 100/6 “built to run ‘til the road wears out” (SEE LINK),

Here is the amazing clean design of the gorgeous body that started with the 100/4 and then with the body extension for the new 6 cylinder engine, very low flowing lines with the car measuring only 50.1” height and the new length of 157.5” for the 6 cylinder engine yield just great crafted shape and perfect proportions, here is a just wonderful restored and rare Austin Healey with this last year of 1956-1959 100/6 series being the pinnacle of that production run, the BN6 two seater model is very desired for both enthusiasts and collectors alike, this BN6 model is 267 pounds lighter than the BN4 rear jump seat version, also, with the spare being able to be mounted behind the seat, this BN6 had way more trunk space than the BN4 model that had the spare in the trunk itself making both the weight distribution better as well as trunk space for a weekend,

the spectacular chassis today has the great frame and floors of the underchassis that were restored by a previous owner, then slightly driven, when purchased by Fraser Dante, said floors were first cleaned of all mars and then re-taken down to the bare metal by Fraser Dante staff, the extensive photos show the restoration work going on (LINK) to show how solid and factory correct, then the final work just completed to make sure these are top show quality as then they were painted as the factory correct red, (LINK),

see the below information for specifics and LINKS, all correct body parts with the single rib hood, factory wire/black steering wheel, hard to find side the insert windows, black softtop and frame, full complete recent mechanicals by Senior British tech, this is really just perfect for a 2018 Summer drive, investment quality BN6, these lightweight early 100/6s without the heavier add ons of the later Healy’s are really a terrific sports car meant for a spirited performance, very, very clean just flowing high design lines, this special piece is a favorite of this writer, just a wonderful classic design that is a rare and just gorgeous piece,  

History: Here is a rare 1959 Austin Healey 100/6 BN6 two seater, one of believed only perhaps as little as 329 produced in 1959 according to some posted information, there were the BN4’s that were more produced as the 2+2 roadster with this BN6 being much more desirable and rare today, the first of the Austin Healey 6-cylinders with the 100/6 of 1956 and 1957s engines that produced 102 horsepower as the start of the famous ‘large Healeys’ with the famous 6 cylinder engines, (LINK), then with new engineering and then in only for the 1958 and 1959s, these engines increased to 117 horsepower with the very strong torque of 149 ft lbs, this is a really fun drive,
thusly the 1959 is extremely desirable and is the premier year for early 6 cylinders as the last of the 100/6 run produced with the uprated factory engine, at only 2431 lbs, these are great sports cars with very spirited performance along with the special clean, sleek and gorgeous flowing styling that is famous and desired world over,

This car build: here is a full Concours nut and bolt restoration with the British Heritage Trust Certificate to show full authenticity just a few years ago, beautiful factory correct Colorado Red paint with straight lines and wonderful luster, real restored factory red leather interior, see theattached description from the last owner showing the fantastic history, this is even before the Fraser Dante spent some 125 hours to bring up the show presentation and prepare the great frame and underchassis and the full tune and road testing, has the proper 72 spoke argent wire wheels, the new detailing and set up by a top British tech ensures that all operating standards are first class, receipts just in the initial restoration not counting the car itself are for $34,822 in the file from the late ‘80s to the late ‘90’s when the first complete restoration was accomplished, it was then driven a bit and maintenance kept up to top show standards, then purchased by Fraser Dante for Spring 2017 as a piece our collection knowing that this vehicle was both rare and in great condition, then the final Fraser Dante in house work there are over 125++ hours in the Fraser Dante recent work to achieve great motorsports history, thusly now completed that would have to be about $9000 for a customer, thusly all of that costing on upgrades should be about $43,822…great history comes with the car,

for Summer 2018, this car is just checked again both mechanically and cosmetically for both enjoyment and investment purposes, note that items like the ‘creased’ ‘single rib’ front hood/bonnet only come on the early Healeys, said factory hood is presented so very well and is hard to find in this condition, it lines up well and closes properly,

Updating for Spring/Summer 2018: in order to show the fantastic credentials of the great steel and rust free solid underchassis, the car was then back on the rack for 3 weeks and the professional staff spent many, many hours to bring this wonderful ‘as factory new’ underchassis to a mirrored show presentation for both beauty and certification of the solid and ‘time warp’ condition, the paint was stripped down to the metal, then primed, then painted body color, the new fuel and brake lines are installed with restored clips to attach them (SEE THE PHOTO LINK), ALSO, the engine and radiator are just newly presented in a highly detailed truly show presentation showing the numbers and parts seldom seen today on these great early Healeys,

Interior and top: this gorgeous red leather bucket seated interior is like the factory made the car as shown with the British Heritage Trust production, document, few were made with red leather like this, red center lower arm rest, very cool special Austin Healey logo dual safety belts, Austin Healey special logo floor mats, the red Wilton carpet just fully show condition to present well, has the proper rear vinyl trunk floor mat, the proper rubber/vinyl match under the spare tire,

Note the shift lever has right lever and the shift boot cover over said transmission, has the show quality wood shift knob with the Austin Healey logo in the middle, has the passenger side pull handle,

Gauges/dash: the dash front red pod features the restored great looking, fully restored and working full Smith’s gauges, these beautiful stock ‘as factory’ analog correct units are hard to find and very expensive, this has the tachometer, fuel gauge, oil pressure and water temperature, speedometer and odometer, these gauges in the proper light cream/beige gold colors look wonderful, more automotive art,

a new softtop that is removable just as when it was produced, the black top on this 1959 Austin Healey 100/6 BN6 is a new separate unit that has the slide in frame restored and painted, then the black top installs over the frame with snaps and has the plastic rear window, the factory bows come with the top as required, this also has the full black tonneau cover, note the new and hard to get the plastic side windows and great frames that are shown stored in the trunk, these frames are very expensive and hard to get, it is an accomplishment to have these and in such fine condition, completely detailed trunk (LINK),

Engine: the strong running original engine was rebuilt from the previous owner comes with many receipts in the file, see the receipt for just some of the engine parts alone of $1427 iincluding special pistons from England, (LINK), billing shows that these were sent to the machine shop for proper fitting, there are many other receipts and specifics in the file, now rebuilt correct SU HD6 carburetors that are correct for the later 100/6s, full matching numbers as shown with the Fraser Dante shown numbers (LINK) and the British Heritage Trust document (SEE LINK), one can see the very correct numbers of the engine that matches the Trust, the block date code is ’21.G.8’ being July 21, 1958, Coventry copper brass radiator, a very nicely detailed engine bay, uprated Tubi stainless steel exhaust that should yield 120++ horsepower, this presents very well contrasting with the beautiful red detailed underchassis, here is the matching numbered (SEE LINK) as confirmed with the Heritage Trust document, ENGINE #26D-RU-H/68321 from the August 1958 production for the first of the 1959 run, is this is the original rebuilt engine with the proper intake manifold and cylinder head, rated at the 117 horsepower with the strong torque of 149 ft lbs, the compression of this rebuilt purposely roadworthy with better than the factory lower compression engine, now really strong and just excellent in the 141 to the 153 lb range in the dry cold reading (LINK), really, this is better than new it is so strong,

Head specs: see the (LINK) of said head numbers along with the photos of condition, receipts show intake/exhaust guides along with rockers and rocker shaft, Next: these NUMBERS of the original head along with the intake manifold (SEE LINK) show the exacting specs, as this engine was initially restored and done previously, to substantiate said fresh condition, photos are taken to show how clean it is and yield the above very clear oil, (LINK), then for Spring 2018, the senior British technician at Fraser Dante just set the all valves, put on a new valve cover gasket, (LINK), adjusted the carberators and set the timing with final road testing,
the restored carburetors are the proper larger new SU HD6 units that are numbered correctly and work great, they have the stock factory air cleaners, see the proper information to show how correct this 100/6 BN6 is as shown with (LINK) of all the stamping and raised numbers,

exhaust:  In order for the car to perform well and keep a fresh appearance, this is fitted with the cool stainless Tubi exhaust system, this will not only look good but will deliver more power and really sounds great, makes this engine sound terrific, very important, note the proper under driver heat shield on the lower chassis above the muffler to keep the interior cool,

Oil and Filter: fresh oil and filter change is completed all to insure that this rare 100/6 works perfectly, the special Valvoline high performance VR1 20-50 high zinc oil is added along with a new Moss Motors special oil filter for engine protection (LINK) note this step is the top racing quality oil that is only for engines without a catalytic converter,

Hoses and clamps: when the first work was completed, the upper radiator hoses and clamps were more modern pieces, just now installed are the proper show factory hoses and factory wire clamps as supplied by Moss Motors, these show units make the engine bay present more as factory correct (SEE LINK),

Radiator: here is the factory ‘Coventry Radiator & Presswork Co. Ltd.’ unit, this stock unit (SEE THE LINK OF RADIATOR NUMBERS AND PHOTOS) that was restored initially is the copper brass unit that is very hard to find! This rare piece! According to our dealer Moss Motors catalog, a repro unit with attachments is at least $900 delivered, they do not even show any in stock, would think that this unit is work $1200 today installed if one is located, now when one checks the internet, the only radiators shown for sale are the new aluminum units, of course they cool very well but they are not original and not like factory, this is also equipped with a added 10” electric fan to aid in the cooling efforts, a good addition indeed, this radiator is now checked and just flushed with fresh coolant when said, now see the factory new proper show hoses and clamps were just installed, then a test drive,

4-speed transmission/gears: here is a unit that shifts as is should, the receipts on the initial restoration shows said unit was rebuilt, this also has the working overdrive unit that works in 3-4 gears with the Spring 2017 testing, the Laycock unit means that the rear end is the lowered geared 4.10:1 better performance that the normal 3.90:1 non-overdrive unit, the inside cockpit shift lever and housing and the boot are correct, the shift knob is the special wood unit with the Austin Healey logo,

Wheels and tires: has the proper Vredestein Sprint Classic 185/HR15 radial blackwall tires that are mounted on the  correct factory centre-lock chrome knock-off center wire wheels, these are argent painted in the 72-spoke wires, these wheels are as produced when new, they were an option that is shown on the Trust document, a soft knock off hammer comes with the car, the fifth wheel and spare tire are placed in top of the rear trunk area behind the cockpit of the car with the open rear exposure, the inside of the cockpit has the red carpeted wheel cover, this placement of the spare in this BN6 model moves the weight to center of the car,
the battery is today is a modern unit 12 volt single unit that is easy to maintain and has a cut off switch that is mounted in the left rear area,

brakes: here is presented is the last of the ‘big brake’ large drum brakes all around, at 11.0x2.25” in size, they are so large that they stop this car so well, the fronts have stampings of MOWOG 1B4570 and the rears are MOWOG 187526,M these drum units and hardware have just been checked in the Fraser Dante shop, one can see in our photos that the brake lines and rubber hoses are new and strong, (LINK) when completed this 100/6 is finished with road testing,

suspension: independent front end has strong coil springs, the front has the anti-roll bar with new bushings, close up photos show the condition, the rear end has the live axel with half-elliptical leaf springs and a Panhard rod with the very British lever arm shock dampers that are shown with close up photos on www.fraserdante.com, (LINK),

Lighting and wiring:  with the 12 volt system that was now in production, here is great attention to detail in order to make sure all the wiring is correct and works well, note the under dash wiring and relays are carefully done to make the car start well and look good, the brake lights and running lights work well, now just installed is a new battery and also for great lighting better than new with the brand new Sylvania XtraVision halogen headlights are just installed (LINK) these yield a great stream of light and the fresh glass face adds to the appearance of the car,

Underchassis:  just sensation presentation for mirrored show quality and proof how solid this rare 1958 100/6 is today, this area is very important just presented in show condition as a work of lower automotive art!  Just fantastic all steel in extremely solid condition, painted as factory from the bare metal upward in red for protection, investment and show purposes, then when purchased by Fraser Dante, this car was so nice and rare, it is now presented in the all steel, stripped to metal, proper welds, then primed, then painted red underneath with no undercoating, now just completed is over 125+ hours that were just spent bringing this BN6 up to even higher standards than the first restoration was done and now ready for 2018 Spring/Summer making another level than the initial restoration, this had the initial frame off as a full nut and bolt restoration just a few years ago, from the receipts, this had the whole car taken apart, very specific notes show that this had front and rear outriggers replaced with exacting factory welds and precision, then this has all the steel carefully reconstructed with these new lower side outrigger wings that have been accomplished to look as factory,

these floors and lower chassis are rust free and just gorgeous steel, here is an area that is most important in early Healey’s, this was then a slightly driven show car with constant care and love, approximately 5000 or less miles from the initial very high end build as this is only determined by the odometer which is certainly working but not accurate,

when the first initial long restoration was accomplished in the mid ‘90s, used slightly, constant work to maintain, then when acquired by Fraser Dante back in 2017, all efforts were completed to make this the prime Austin Healey that Fraser Dante has every had, note said chassis also has the fresh brake and fuel lines that are attached by show quality clips in the final detailing and safety road check, (LINK), the mileage shows 6417 that does not mean anything in the car’s life,

Summary: a rare and fantastic investment 1959 Austin Healey 100/6 BN6, ready now for that collector who desires the Best of tha Driven Show car Spring/Summer 2018, a rare two seater with a rare color combination, rare BHT documentation, rare ‘numbers’ car, full fantastic underchassis presentation, a real Driven Show car, value should increase through the years for such a rare production of a gorgeous last year of the Austin Healey 100/6, full testing and detailing completed by professional staff, hard to find such an early Austin Healey great timeless design in this wonderful condition with both mechanicals and cosmetics, now offered at a fair price of only $67,950