1965 MUSTANG 2+2 GT 350



1965 Mustang 2+2 Shelby GT 350 Clone presented for the enthusiast that loves driving a classic top handling Mustang and demands a fabulous body, highly engineered drivetrain and state of the art rear end, full updated suspension and simply great underchassis! Shown in just beautiful Rangoon Red with contrasting White Shelby full length stripes along with the side white GT stripes to set off the striking appearance along with the Shelby hood and side scoops, show quality front suspension, fresh lowered suspension with heavy duty springs adding to great appearance, famous Spraker Racing of NASCAR custom $4800 rear end unit built for and installed by Fraser Dante, this features the new rear disc brakes on the 9” full powder coated carrier featuring the Motive Performance gears with the Ford Trac Lok 3.50:1 rear end on a 3” axle for wonderful performance, special ‘U’ bolts and mounting plates for the Shelby under-rider traction bars with custom made bracket to support the larger 3” tube - SEE THE EXACTING DETAILS SHOWN IN WRITEUP AND EXACTING PHOTOS, a rare piece with a really just sensational body, has a truly really outstanding solid, spectacular underchassis with the straight pinch welds and factory lower stampings that are very hard to find today in this top quality, great effort by top Mustang builders to build a wonderful 2+2, one must read this long report to see the many specifics of this rare and top quality 1965 2+2 Shelby GT 350 special Clone,

has a freshly fully built 289+cid/4v ‘K’ code spec engine that is out of the Fraser Dante shop, a great engine as this has been gone through from our machine shop build work upwards to the hand assembly by the senior Fraser Dante technician, now set up with solid lifters and roller rockers that make this engine extremely strong, very high even compression, full Pertronix ignition system, the building of the heads and examination with photos show these rockers are fresh, this should produce up to 310+ reliable horsepower, finned aluminum ‘Open Cobra’ valve covers and kit, special custom ‘H’ pipe dual aluminized exhaust system just built with Series ‘44’ mufflers, the rear exhaust is proper 1966 GT 350 design, history shows that this was initially found by friend of this writer after being in 20 years of careful dry storage, then upgraded by Fraser Dante, known for years now, full new Borgeson variable ratio power steering system, new Stainless steel GT dual line front discs, the 4-speed transmission has a Hurst shifter linkage, has the full new Heavy Duty ‘RAM’ clutch System just replaced, upper and lower adjustable shift rods, restored balanced driveshaft that is documented, full running gear uprated, 1966 Shelby lower traction bars installed for handling and being able to pull strongly and safely, heavy duty front 1” lower Heavy Duty 660lb springs just installed, alignment, strong inner hood chassis Monte Carlo bar support, has the specialty built for Fraser Dante brand new famous Spraker Racing 9” 3.50: Trac lok rear end for wonderful performance, (LINK), all lighting is working with excellent wiring, has a newer but very period Red Pony interior that includes the red dash pad, wood inside trim, ‘fold down’ rear seat, working new Ralley Pac tachometer, just installed is the gorgeous expensive Shelby repro steering wheel of wood and aluminum, OR one could pick a valuable believed original Ford Mustang GT ‘wood’ steering wheel that appears to be saved for show conditions, slight minor cracks but think ‘as factory’ (SEE LINK), has new red carpets, full Red interior/exterior trim pieces, red Mustang show mats, red/wood factory long console, red dash pad, Shelby clean front grill presentation, Shelby rear valance with full white lower striping, fresh professional high speed buffing brings out the great paint with factory proper luster, older very rare paint in fantastic condition showing the exacting care of this wonderful Mustang 2+2 Shelby clone, final work includes that all lighting works, 

History: this VIN#5T09CXXXXXX was found in North Carolina with the restoration started by a younger couple who found this from the second owner, this had a slight cosmetic and mechanical restoration and then stored for some 20 years in a basement when they discovered, see the comments that are before the Fraser Dante found the car initially and then brought the car to higher degree initially for Spring 2014, the (LINK) of the 3rd Owner’s statement shows great history, see the original Data Tag showing this to be an original Rangoon Red Charlotte DSO car (LINK), very documented history as this was a 3 owner 2+2 out of North Carolina from a couple well known to this writer, then to Georgia being in just outstanding condition both mechanically and cosmetically, Fraser Dante sold to a young collector in Houston who did but 150 miles in two years while also adding improvements to the car, now when Fraser Dante bought the Mustang back for the third time, we then continued the building to yet another higher degree, see the new proper suspension attitude with the Shelby level presentation really makes this great designed car really look sensational,

top Driven Show Quality Car here is a rare 1965 Mustang 2+2 with exceptional floors and original body panels that will pass tough European inspection standards, also for the demanding collector who understands quality, the build restoration is a Shelby 2+2 that can be driven and enjoyed, great effort completed to make this a terrific driving show car that is just completed again out of the Fraser Dante shop with fresh professional ‘finishing’ (SEE LINK) to bring out the luster ready now for Fall 2017, all details confirm this great Mustang is this writer’s favorite car!

lots of Mustang show items and Mustang literature that come with the package, see the show ready 1964 World’s Fair License front plate that is great presentation (LINK), the classic Shelby GT 350 2+2 look along with the painted full White Shelby stripes that go with this famous high design look from the front valance all the way along the top and down the rear Shelby valance of the car to look like authentic and are dynamic as they contrast the Rangoon Red paint and side scoops, has the side hand painted white striping along the top hood and top body Shelby striping, the side front Mustang GT insignias were added for our Atlanta customer who loved the look, then Fraser Dante bought this back and continued the build since this was such a great body and underchassis, all work making this car with a paint some 20 years old that is striking in appearance and now to have just outstanding ‘eyes’, great professional buffing just completed for the luster and presentation,

body/underchassis: a very high point of this top classic Mustang 2+2 with a truly exceptional body and floors, has all original body panels, proper metal under hood, ‘tack’ and ‘pinch’ welds for inner fenders, lower valance, rear stamped quarters, proper VIN #s on both inner fenders, stamped #s on the lower rockers and trunk drip rails, has wonderful original newly red oxided floors detailed for mirrored presentation, (LINK), original red car as shown by the Ford data tag (LINK),

new 15” Magnum chrome wheels with new B.F. Goodrich radial tires, inner Monte Carlo Shelby inner hood support bar, export brace, the final work of a car with great history completed by Fraser Dante with a terrific, nicely detailed GT 350 2+2 for the collector who wants to drive a classic car with fresh new just outstanding really top mechanicals including professional alignment so this can be presented for show or in cruise competition, please go to www.fraserdante.com for long description, photos, specs and see the many LINKS that show the specific work and upgrades just completed,

New tinted glass windshield with proper seals and stainless trim, along with this car, there are many period hard to find decals added to enhance the presentation, there are also Mustang original and repro Ford manuals and articles so this car be used for showing, (LINK),

Engine: This 289+cid engine is a fresh completely built unit today, less than 700 miles, then full double checking of our build in the shop for Fall 2017, this is way better than original factory engine with the work of the Fraser Dante team and its high tech machine shop sub, from the bare block up it is noted that this has the full rebuild with complete machine shop work including being vatted, (LINK), then lined bored between +.40 over, new crank was purchased and turned, +.020 main and +.040 rods (RECEIPT IN FILE), all new bearings, new quality pistons, rings, should be about 301+cid today, a special Comp Cams camshaft and roller rocker arms are used, new cam bearings, has the full heads rebuild with machine shop surfacing, then the new valves that are worked, fresh valve springs, hardened valve seats for use of modern gas, has then the upgraded solid lifters that are just installed and set, see photo (LINK), of the machine work as completed showing all details, then this engine was hand built and tuned in the Fraser Dante shop by our senior technician, has the freshly rebuilt excellent 289cid ‘A’ code spec engine with 4v carburetor and Weiand aluminum intake, has the Edelbrock #1403 500cfm single pumper carberator with desirable manual choke, the presentation is set off the full special Tony Branda ‘Cobra’ valve cover kit with the aluminum valve covers that are selected to clear the new lifters, new great sounding Comp Cams camshaft and roller rocker arms, see the statement from the last owner that was BEFORE the final work completed in Atlanta as then with engine being pulled out of the car again by Fraser Dante in order to bring to even higher standards, now better than new, correct C5 casting, the engine oil pump system works well, the lower end has new bearings installed by the Fraser Dante tech, he went through this lower end twice to make sure the crankshaft had no movement, the timing is set, new spark plugs and black Motorcraft 7mm wires, has fresh brand new Petronix electronic ignition system installed, with the current equipment and specs, it is believed that this should produce about 310++ very smooth and reliable horsepower to the feed back from the machine shop, really on a par of the 1965/1966 Shelby GT 350 but with better heads and cam, all of this is shown as one needs to see the number sheet (LINK),

this has the correct show Ford expensive finned aluminum ‘Cobra Powered by Ford’ valve covers from Tony Branda just installed with new gaskets along with the MCA chrome air cleaner assembly, has the engine bay black Monte Carlo bar as used on the Shelby’s for chassis support, also the ’67 one-piece export firewall support is used to make this 2+2 handle well, brand

new Motorcraft battery, correct cables, safety cut off attachment, all new proper hoses and clamps, just installed is a brand-new aluminum radiator that yields excellent cooling, (LINK) all fresh coolant, has the new show polished stainless-steel radiator overflow 17” 24 oz overflow tank just installed, great cooling, the detailing continues with the correct black engine, Borgeson power steering installed (LINK),

racing oil/filter: recent new maintenance in the Fraser Dante shop: Special Valvoline high performance VR1 20-50 high zinc oil is used along with new filter for engine protection (LINK), note this step up is for the top racing quality oil that can only be used in engines without a catalytic converter, very few dealers go to this extent of such prep of car protection, none of the warehouse operations have such expertise and attention to detail,

exhaust:  the stock exhaust manifolds have been checked for exacting fit with planning, this exacting fitting has the driver’s side manifold is just replaced with new gasket to eliminate any leaks and for better power, detailed correctly, fitted to the brand new expensive aluminized hand crafted dual exhaust system with repro original H-pipe system just custom built and installed with new hangers, welds are quality completed, the mufflers are expensive black Flowmaster Super Series 44 system just installed, see the (LINK) of the brochure for specs, when the last Shelby rear valance was added, the exhaust was carefully worked just like the 1966 GT 350 with proper exhaust hangers, with exit of the exhaust has the proper dual side turn downs, professional install, please note that such a system is worth over $1100 today, the photos of the actual installation on this terrific underchassis is on www.fraserdante.com,


rear end: here is a unique area upgraded by the Fraser Dante technicians, better than a 1965-66 Shelby GT 350 while keeping ‘in the spirit’ of the Shelby build, note that this upgrading has many photos on the www.fraserdante.com site with this car’s a description and then under the ‘more photos’ listing of documentation of the car, after careful this has the specialty built for Fraser Dante brand new the famous Spraker Racing full rear end and axel, this builder is of NASCAR current builder who has constructed for us set up a rear end and then custom components that are needed for the install, it is a 3” full length powder coated axel shaft tube with 9” hub carrier, heavy duty axels are supplied in the build, the Ford Shelby stock units have a 2 ½” taper at the end and this is a stronger build, all newly constructed, it features the internal ‘Motive Performance’ 3.50:1  gears that are optimum for street spirited driving that put the power down with the Ford Trac Lok rear end for wonderful performance, (LINK), this features the new rear disc brakes that now gives us performance and stopping power, (LINK), note that this has special very strong cadmium ‘U’ bolts that are 3” long to hold the rear end,

traction bars:  this has the 1966 Shelby lower traction bars to stop any axel hop, (LINK), these units put power to the ground much better than without, used on all Shelby’s, in order for these units to work, then we have had constructed specially by our steel sub-contractor special lower mounting plates to hold the traction bars, photos show said plates and the installation of the car, (LINK), just great engineering, these full units installed and tested are $4600, a great upgrade, see the final work, 


rear valence/exhaust:  as this was presented before with the GT rear valence and exhaust, now a new rear valence is just prepared to the 1966 Shelby GT 350 specs, the solid rear lower valence is painted perfect Rangoon Red to match the car, the full length Shelby White stripes continue over the trunk and all the way through the lower valence, once this is installed, then the exhaust pipes are routed just like the 1966 Shelby GT 350 exhaust was done in the period and era,

fuel tank: to insure fresh gas, a brand new fuel tank full kit is just installed with all fillers and hangers along with the Ford inside ‘C5’ stampings to look authentic (LINK), see the trunk as presented with the new trunk mat, a full spare and cover just as new (LINK),

note: on the 4-speed transmission, this works great in all gears driving, when the last work was completed and found by Fraser Dante again, the original shift linkage, factory shift handle, black shift end piece and reverse lockout handle was still with the car but was very worn and had too much play, the good news is that this original shifter setup showed how well this had been kept for some 49 years, now in the car’s 52 year, Fraser Dante then now decided to buy and install the Hurst Competition Plus shifter and install linkage kit and now replaced with said new unit (LINK) these parts and installation labor along with road testing approach $1000, this now yields much better shifting and driving of this correct classic 4-speed transmission that people love in the 2+2s, one could opt for an original type unit if one wanted for show purposes that Fraser Dante would discuss, also this shift unit brand new RAM Premium Clutch kit just installed (LINK),

Body: the high point on this terrific 2+2 is the body and wonderful underchassis, this 1965 early 2+2 features exceptionally straight lines, hard to find such a nice, rust free body with great door fit, it is believed that all body pieces are original, again, information supplied is that this was carefully kept and stored for over 20 years after the first restoration, some minor work was done on the lower rear quarters that is really nicely accomplished as all the factory welds are in place with the drip rails in the trunk, the Ford front fenders fit well to the headlight bezels, one of the fine points about this car is that this has a terrific paint presentation that has been applied years ago, this shows how solid the body is today, when the professional ‘finisher’ worked his buffers, just professionally wet-sanded and buffed for beautiful luster (LINK), he brought out great luster for a top driven show presentation, items like the door jams have just been freshened with the paint re-polished in the seams along with new bolts, screws and the great fitting door strikers, all the hardware is terrific, receipts on this work and photos show how nice, fabulous red-oxided underchassis (LINK),  

Interior/trim: a full beautiful Red Pony GT Pony interior, full door panels, believed to be an original Pony interior that added when the first restoration was done, has the seat stitching that was the high quality of years ago, excellent bucket seat padding, this has the desirable fold down rear seat, good red carpeting on the seat, has a factory type 1965 Rally Pac with working tachometer now installed, this will kept or possibly the classic reproduction of the of the classic Sun tach replica with the Bosch 8000 rpm 8.5” unit that is wired with a  3 3/8” 90o sweep, has a full factory proper factory Red console with wood trim, very nice proper red door panels and dash, very nice restored ‘as factory’ Mustang ‘wood’ steering wheel, has the working  expensive Custom Autosound Mustang radio in stock location, full woodgrain dash, red visors, day/night rearview mirror, red Ford safety belts installed in the front, new red carpet, red show Mustang floor mats, the carpet and chrome on ‘fold down’ seat is excellent, new chrome inner door handles and window regulators, the new door handles both inside and out are added,

Note that all the chrome and stainless trim is excellent, has dual outside mirrors, nice chrome bumpers, has a new tinted glass windshield that is very desirable, the side and vent windows work great, note that the front windshield has the tinted new install with fine weather seal, 
The lighting system is checked, the headlights work, the brake lights are working, even the optional 1965 back up lights are not working in the final check as the Hurst linkage is hard to mate, the horn works great and loud, these are areas that are normally not found working in the auction cars, Fraser Dante tries its best to present cars that can be enjoyed,

Brakes/Suspension: great effort to make this car handle very well and be used as a driven show car, 4 wheel disc brakes, these small block Mustang 2+2 are just wonderful to drive, the work includes the brand new Stainless Steel GT front disc brakes just installed (LINK), these are the expensive dual line master cylinder for safety in the full braking system building, this includes now the new rear disc brakes that are built by Jeff Spraker for Fraser Dante, with new lines (LINK), brand new leaf springs installed (LINK), full fresh suspension build includes Shelby Aadco 1” sway bar kit with new bushings this kit is a $300 option installed alone, all new show quality upper and lower ‘A’ control arms just installed (LINK) correctly painted argent and black, new shocks now added, has the Shelby under hood cross Monte Carlo bar for stability so that the car handles really great, also the ’67 export brace installed to complete under hood work, outstanding full alignment completed for Fraser Dante by our local top Audi suspension technician with specs (LINK), this work took almost 3 hours to get to top specifications that included road testing, has about 700 miles on the build to bed in the build work, brand new expensive 15x7 Magnum 500 wheels, new center caps, black Ford center caps, new B.F.Goodrich white lettered 225/60/15 radial tires, this adds to the great look of the Shelby along with much better handling,

Suspension: the ‘attitude’ of the car is excellent as it sits lower and even, along with the new shocks, even the rear springs are just installed, new front Heavy Duty 660 lb coil springs just installed (SEE LINK), these springs are used with a lower cut to achieve the Shelby stance with the rear lowering blocks, the whole front end has been rebuilt with upper and lower control arms, bushings, ball joints, strut rod bushings, the rear end lube is checked and filled, then test driven, the presentation and the driving make this a top driven show car that brings joy to one’s heart,

Again the new just installed in Fall 2017 in the lovingly inspired build, period and very desirable just installed are the 1966 Shelby lower traction bars (SEE LINK), these stop axel hop and let the driver put the power to the ground as the original Shelby had, said work takes welding to the chassis and then installation to the axel, (LINK), adds a tremendous asset just like Shelby engineered this idea to the axel, (LINK) see the above photos of this new installation, (LINK),

Summary: beautiful Rangoon Red paint and body with exceptional rust free history that is hard to find, contrasted to the White Shelby stripes and the white GT side stripes and the Shelby hood scoop all now really yielding a fantastic look, really tremendous effort also accomplished for maximum driving conditions and exceptional body for those who want to enjoy a top 1965 2+2, reproduction Owners Manual (LINK), really wonderful underchassis that is very hard to find, a great history on this fine, this fine 2+2 that will pass through European standards, fresh 289/301cid engine complete build with Pertronix ignition system, just amazing great suspension, the final full check includes mechanically and cosmetically and ready to go for Fall 2017, offered at only $58,950