1960 Pontiac Catalina Sport coupe, just gorgeous very rare high design model with the famous sleek fastback very clean lines called the ‘bubbletop’, now presented in just excellent proven and documented restored condition, the striking Palomino Beige paint and body along with the proper Mahogany roof just are factory perfect,  this has terrific documentation of build and history that are part of the file, has a matching number documented fully rebuilt 389cid with the 4v carburetor, hydraulic lifter original engine, ‘B-1’/303 horsepower, stock air cleaner setup,  with high compression, this engine is better than new, has an uprated radiator and fan, highly detailed under the hood, very highly full optioned piece with expensive 8-lug wheels, even the spare tire matches, wide whitewall radials, working Vintage air conditioning, power steering, fresh power brakes and great windows, full suspension with additional rear sway bar, stock radio with hidden AM/FM stereo with CD player in glove box, has the rare original invoice (LINK), the rare Red original factory excellent interior is a real ‘find’, for sure with the Atlanta documentation of restoration and build to confirm this authenticity along with many extensive restoration photos, just really a great body and beautiful paint, full rear inner trunk as factory with the working trunk light, here is a famous sleek design that literally has flowing lines making this body so famous when it won the 1961 Daytona 500, built by Smokey Yunick and driven by Marvin Panch, this great street version has the very top mechanicals just checked, just a wonderful driven show prepared fantastic underchassis,the famous quad headlight design that literally has flowing lines, all the hard to find stainless trim pieces are installed, there are many restoration photos including those of the exacting rebuilt engine and heads (SEE LINK), these photos are but part of the large file,  there are two files of the previous work, then the very top mechanicals just checked and highly maintained that Fraser Dante has completed, this was used as the Company Driven Show car for a year, it drove to and was in front of a high end restaurant in Atlanta for the Academy Awards event, went to our home for a community show, then in late October, this was featured in mid-town Atlanta at the re-opening of the famous American Hotel,  a venue that has many famous meetings from Martin Luther King to performances by Frank Sinatra, thusly fully road tested in the final restoration now ready for Spring 2018,

History: this design of the swoopy fastback Sport Coupe is really gorgeous, even better than the longer and bigger Bonneville that is much longer and does not have these famous lines, note that this model won the 1961 Daytona 500 with the Smokey Yunick built #20 car driven by Marvin Panch (SEE THE PHOTOS) along with the signed photo of the race car with Marvin with Tom Fraser with comment about remembering “Smok”, also there is a photo of Tom Fraser with Marvin as they discussed his 1960 winning ‘Smokey’ Catalina (LINK), Tom was also friends with Smokey Yunick for many years, he drove a Corvette at Daytona Rolex 24 Hour Race with an exotic and highly engineered ‘Smokey’ 427cid engine, 

These high design cars are so desirable and collectable, there is a 1960 PONTIAC INTERNATIONAL REGISTRY, previously registered with the first restoration and build, now Fraser Dante has updated that listing…great for value and investment purposes…this design is better than even the Bonneville as it is about 14” shorter and is better perportioned,  

Street version: this writer had a 1960 Catalina Sport Coupe with the famous 389cid engine, 3x2 carbs and a 3-speed straight shift back as a teenager, worked two summers for the money for the car with a photos to document (SEE LINK), now this particular street car has all the documents from new with the original invoice (LINK), from a Florida history when the car was in excellent shape, then went to Florida and then being sent to Atlanta as the great frame on restoration was done, then went to a serious ‘car guy’ in North Carolina who had his shop continue to build, enjoyed, then purchased by Fraser Dante for our own personal collection and brought to the new level today, has been taken to high end affairs that feature only quality people and food representing Fraser Dante,  after such enjoyment, with believed 69,315 miles on the chassis plus the documented restoration, even the ‘cold’ engine light works and goes off when the car is warmed up, this beauty is now ready for sale,

Note that this car was originally sold by the Langer Motor Company in San Prairie, Wisconsin with the original document still with the car, now has today and features all the proper colors and engine as per the ‘Data Tag’ that is shown with the (LINK),  this confirms as built and that is what is here today, see the photo taken late Fall 2017 (LINK) of the car on its test run, then being presented as a show car at a high end hotel opening late October in Atlanta, all the operating systems and professional detailing completed to enhance the condition of this top Driven Show car,  working Vintage air conditioning, very highly optioned with expensive 8-lug wheels, wide whitewall radials, power steering, strong power brakes, stock radio in dash with AM/FM stereo with CD player in glove box, has the rare original invoice (LINK), the rare Red original interior, great authenticity along with extensive restoration photos, sensational great body and paint, many restoration photos are in two albums (SEE THE LINK) plus the new Fraser Dante finish work that include the exacting photos and ‘numbers’ of the rebuilt 389cid engine and heads (SEE LINK), these are but part of the large file with confirmation of build,  full testing in January 2018 as a labor of love,

Engine:  one of the best and very strong engines ever built, this fully rebuilt engine a very strong point about this car, this is a 389cid unit has all the proper factory castings and even has the VIN# stamped on it (SEE PHOTOS), this shows that engine is rebuilt with believed under 1000 miles on said unit, note that said casting of hard to find like this, there is a great photo file of the engine being built, with the simply amazing  compression of 170 to 176 lbs psi on a dry cold readings, this is better standards than factory new (LINK), this features the matching number documented rebuilt 389cid original engine, ‘B-1’/303++ horsepower with the uprated Edelbrock 600 cfm 4v carburetor, has an electric choke, very high compression,

Heads are restored and machined to very top standards that are shown with the photos of the build, fresh valve springs, valves , lifters and rockers, these hydraulic lifter units are so well done that they yield the high compression shown (LINK),  these heads are better than new today, since the stock factory ratings for this unit was at 303 horsepower, since has the proven head work, the high compression, we believe that this is pushing about 325 horsepower today with readings and full tune in our shop…road testing confirms same, engine and rear axle numbers (LINK),

Note: lots of details like the engine light on the dash even goes on when the ‘cold’ reading is needed, when the engine warms up, the light goes out, very hard to find such good detail, The rebuilt Delco Remy generator works well,  hard to find this very nice authentic touch,  has new spark plugs and good wires, the timing is just checked by the Fraser Dante shop,

oil/filter:  the oil and filter are now changed and upgraded to protect the engine, Fraser Dante uses very expensive special high-techracing oil with added zinc content with Valvoline VR1 20-50 to insure long term performance, since today’s gasoline and standard oils have cleaners added, these early non-catalytic engines need the heavy duty oil and the added zinc for lubrication purposes (LINK) for these older engines, this is very costly and used only from shops who have top operations as Fraser Dante,

Cooling: in order to operate well in the modern world, in the build, a restored 3 row radiator is used, has the factory fan shroud, an uprated 5 blade clutch fan and a fan guard,  new hoses and clamps, has fresh coolant added for protection,

Transmission: newly redesigned by GM is the Controlled Coupling HydraMatic (also called Jetaway by Oldsmobile and StratoFlight, and later Super HydraMatic by Pontiac or 315 HydraMatic by Cadillac or dual-coupling Hydra-Matic), this four-speed "Controlled Coupling HydraMatic" unit incorporated a secondary fluid coupling and a pair of sprag clutches in place of the former friction clutch and brake bands, shifting in part by alternately draining and filling the secondary coupling…this was a later version of GM's "dual range Hydra-Matic" first introduced in some 1952 models. The dual range feature allowed the driver to hold the transmission in third gear until the maximum allowable up shift points for improved performance in traffic or in mountain driving…also this new, dual coupling transmission also incorporated a separate park position falling in line with other automatic transmissions of the day….Controlled Coupling HydraMatic was substantially smoother than the original Hydra-Matic, more complex and expensive to produce,

Suspension: note that this has the original chassis that is fully restored with fresh springs front and rear (SEE THE PHOTO LINK), new front end bushings in the build, the level and stance of the car is proper, in the restoration an rear sway bar has been added to enhance the handling,  the ‘numbers’ that are shown in this report given the 1960 date for the rear end, fresh lube in prepared in top driven show condition, brakes just checked (LINK),

Underchassis/frame:  this is the original underchassis and great frame that were in great condition when the restoration was started, with now only 69,315 miles from new, this was prepared in the first restoration and then brought up in the Fraser Dante shop, there was a bit of older very small amount of undercoating that was applied when the car was new and first sold as shown in the invoice, this was a great protectant, now all is painted black, the frame of this Catalina is just wonderful, one can see the fresh black painting and detailing by the Fraser Dante staff done in 2017 so is ready for shows in 2018, (LINK),

Interior/glass:  one can clearly see in the photos that this is the original interior in just wonderful condition, this red textured material is clearly shown in the photos taken at Fraser Dante,  even has red safety belts,  the dash pod is like factory, all the gauges work, the very rare and also great design factory steering wheel is like a time warp it is so good,  the factory rubber with stainless gas and brake pedals are ready for show,
All the glass around the car is just perfect, the front windshield is replaced with a tinted unit, all the other side and rear large glass pieces are factory, the rubber seals around the large back window are in great condition, the side windows front and rear roll up well, the side crank windows work well,

Lighting; here again this investment quality Catalina has all the lighting working, the headlights and taillights and the brake lights work,  the technicians at Fraser Dante just worked on and made sure all systems are safe,

Summary: 1960 Pontiac Sports Coupe restored to top driven show presentation, even that the windshield washer that was ordered when the car was new, the large file couples with current presentation of the restoration, test driven and checked late Fall 2017 to insure all mechanicals and the lighting work, great history, here is a landmark car design with full documented history, Owner's Manuals (LINK), Fraser Dante has completed and road tested the final restoration plus this was used as a company show car, now ready for Spring 2018,  offered now at only $43,950