Change to new White Pony Interior


Upgrades - Air Conditioning, Stainless Steel Front Power Disc Brakes, New Borgeson Power Steering,

1965 Mustang Convertible fresh restoration completed in pretty Skylight Blue with new paint, an extremely solid body and really great underchassis, great luster from complete professional ‘finishing’ of the paint, new black convertible top, completely rebuilt to the highest standards better than new is the original ‘C’ Code 289cid/2v engine, correct C5 dated numbers, full machine shop specs, still had original bearings, special Doug Herbert cam/head kit, correct restored rebuilt 2100 carburetor, full documentation via (LINK), chrome Cobra kit, aluminized show proper ‘C’ code 289/2v exhaust system, many valuable dated parts, new fuel tank system, aluminum radiator, runs cool when test driven in 90o heat, New Gen IV SureFit Vintage A/C System, only about 1000 break-in miles on this build, see PHOTOS LINK for exceptional, sensational condition of terrific just done inner floors and unmolested underchassis, see the original data tag to confirm numbers and production date, (LINK), C-4 automatic transmission, Borgeson variable ratio power steering, new black Pony seats, black interior, front seat belts, four new Monroe shocks just installed, all full braking system just fully checked with install of front Stainless Steel braking system, photos of the unmolested and very solid underchassis classis being cleaned, cleared showing how solid this chassis is, hard to find like such a solid some 51 year old car, suspension is updated, fully alignment with specs, the trunk is show ready with spare, new expensive 14x7 styled steel wheels with the new very expensive dual red line tires, fully balanced, makes this drives exceptionally, all fluids fresh along with great mechanicals, top mechanicals aspects just completed to make this drive exceptionally, stainless lower rockers, ready for top Driven Show! 

History: this model and color are so important that this file has copies of Ford Brochures showing this 1965 Mustang that can be used for showing of this nice convertible (LINK), note that the Mustang is one of the most desirable vehicles ever produced for everyone, the MUSTANG 1965 to '66, one of the first collector cars in America being good looking, fun to drive, the '65-'66 Mustang was so popular that over 1,100,000 were made in the mid 60's, the ' 65 and '66 Mustang convertible are perhaps among the most collectable cars in the world, these are popular in Sweden, France, The Netherlands, Australia, just everywhere, men and women, old and young all love this car, although this is really a trouble-free car, it is easy to maintain with lots of parts available, this has NEW engine for enjoy, here is a car with very period color,

this special 1965 car: came from an older North Carolina owner from many, many years out of his collection, got to an age to sell, then to a restoration shop that did a fresh paint job applied to a really excellent body with all believed original body panels, then to Fraser Dante who bought the car to finish the rest of the restoration, has top mechanicals just completed with many dated C5 valuable parts, completed with a goal to finish of the restoration to yield a top driven show car, new proper dash bezel which was replaced original dated C4 factory dash bezel that will go with the car for history, see the original one as factory produced that goes with the car (LINK),the original insulation was found on red oxide inner floors that are now just refinished, very, very solid original exceptional underchassis, cleaned and then just cleared to protect with new photo documentation, hard to find such an original great unmolested underchassis today, also a really great body, an original Data Tag still with the car showing this as a late production 1965 run (LINK), also this still has the original CG28 HCC AT Steering box tab still on the car (LINK), this is among the extension original aspects of this fine convertible, now a full fresh extensive check of all systems by Fraser Dante with road testing, halogen lights and brake lights work well,

see the great car condition with even the original brake pad that was still on the pedal with the Ford sticker and C5 stamping that was just replaced (LINK), this has really great ‘eyes’, see the photos on www.fraserdante.com to show the exceptional condition, for show detailing, the hood latch assembly and related engine compartment braces removed, then detailed, shown on the prep table, painted and then reinstalled (LINK), the new paint is now just wet sanded and buffed by a professional ‘finisher’ with this high speed equipment after all the work described in this report is completed (LINK), the luster looks terrific, this new engine and excellent great cooling was just test driven to fill up with gas in a 90o day to assure all operational aspects,
see the many LINKS and PHOTOS that are part of this history and condition of this very nice car,

Engine: just completed is the brand new is the ORIGINAL C5AE 289cid engine built to the highest standards, history shows Fraser Dante did a full check of the engine Fall 2018 to be ready for show driving, found that although the compression was fine, we did not like the lifters and valve sound, thusly believed to be the original engine, after testing by Fraser Dante, said ticking that was heard that lead us to undertake a full engine rebuild to make the new owner have a fabulous car to drive and enjoy for many years to come, is a ‘brand new’ dated ‘289’ engine that is just professionally built with the complete documented machine shop work, then hand built at Fraser Dante,

When this engine was pulled and completely rebuilt to better than factory standards, noted is this block has the casting of C5AE-6015-E and the date code of 5.F.3, (LINK), see the date casting numbers of the heads that both precede the engine as they should, even the heads are also dated to come close to the block (SEE LINK OF NUMBERS), with a June 21, 1965 production,

When the engine was pulled, (LINK), the lower engine bearings just checked by Fraser Dante techs to confirm that these are the original ones never out of the engine (SEE LINK OF CLEAN DATED ORIGINAL ENGINE BEARING), then the engine was taken by Fraser Dante to our top professional high tech machine shop, then after their work, picked up parts and block and returned to Fraser Dante for the build by our senior tech, (LINK),

At the machine shop, the engine was completely vated, (LINK), full cleaned, then line bored to +.030 which is the minimum to clean up the bores, the senior owner of the shop said this was for sure an original 289cid and in top shape, the attached receipt (SEE LINK IN YELLOW) shows the complete technical work, areas like the crank is turned and +.010, new complete engine build kit with Manley pistons, Hastings rings, Felpro gaskets,

In order to use this car in the ‘real world’ and be able to enjoy, the heads have been rebuilt with the hardened valve guides on the spec sheet for modern 93o octane unleaded gas, heads have been surfaced, new valve seats, all new valves, seats, rocker studs, at the end of the build with said valves checked in the final build completed by top senior tech at Fraser Dante,

the camshaft and head unit is specially designed and made for Fraser Dante by Doug Herbert, said specs are shown in the CF2N cam grind, the specs yield specifics of all aspects of the technical design, all new pushrods, mains, new springs, rockers, locks and special expensive brake in oils, this cam grind is done for a slightly improved over stock street driven performance, this being said, this sound is still mild and the overall horsepower should be in the 225 range and slightly above the stock 200, said cam set up is for low end torque to be used on the street and not radical, test driving confirms,

now with new oil pan and gasket to also confirm condition (LINK), new oil pump and pickup screen just installed for excellent clean oil flow, also has the new high-tech VR1 very expensive oil and special zinc additive used to protect the new engine build, the oil is so very clear! later there was a second change after the build along with the new filter, (LINK)

exhaust: has a proper aluminized show ‘C’code exhaust new system with new hangers, correct cross rear muffler as factory,

tune: see the engine with the new detailing and the build of a proper 2100 2v carberator, equipped with the full air cleaner unit, new distributor assembly, cap, points, rotor, Autolite spark plugs and wires, (LINK), also just restored by top sub is the proper rebuilt 3 row radiator that is now equipped with new hoses, fresh coolant, chrome Cobra kit, new engine feed harness, new alternator and Motorcraft battery, excellent battery cables, excellent battery cables, (LINK), when test driven on a late August 92o day in normal traffic, this engine ran cool with the temp gauge not even getting to the middle mark,

see photos of the detailed black engine bay with the engine out, this is a most solid area and ready for the proper black to protect and be correct for showing, this shows recent great effort to present well, (LINK), to insure great driving and very clean fuel by Fraser Dante, a full fuel tank kit with sender, new front to rear steel fuel line with in-line Wix filter all just installed, (LINK) then the road test completed,

Body/running gear: a really great body with all original Ford panels, hard to find with such stamped Ford numbers, the paint is is really terrific with a professional ‘finishing’ to bring out the luster, looks factory new, new front and rear chrome bumpers with hardware and bumper guards, new front park lamp bezels and lenses, new reverse lamp bezels and lenses the back up lights work, new '65 quarter panel ornaments, leading hood edge molding, surrounding Mustang emblems, grill bars, Pony corral and horse, grill moldings, '65 fuel cap, convertible top boot trim and snap kit, new great looking black non-power convertible top,

Brakes/Suspension: set for driven show for the person who wants to enjoy a classic Mustang, for excellent braking, just completed by the Fraser Dante staff is the BRAND NEW Stainless Steel front Disc Brake system, with new rear brake wheel cylinders, uprated riveted brake shoes (LINK), all new rubber brake hoses, bleed and testing of the brake fluid, 4 new Monroe shocks (LINK), has new strut rod and sway bar bushings, then the full complete alignment with camber set is just performed, now this 1965 Mustang convertible really drives just great (SEE THE LINK OF SPECS),

As presented today, this has show an optional upgrade is the very nice uprated 1965 styled steel 14x7 wheels, chrome lug nuts and proper red center caps, this full chrome wheel is more desirable than the 1966s with added trim rings, the tires are very expensive new dual red line B.F.Goodrich radial TAs in 205/70/14s, these mounted and just balanced, they are very new with the rubber ‘thingies’ still on, see the great look with the photos, one could save $1000 if the stock and correct steel wheels with factory spinner hubcaps and the new narrow whitewall radials are used,

Interior: just fully detailed by professionals for top Driven Show, this has a new proper dash bezel which replaced original dated C4 factory dash bezel (LINK), New Gen IV SureFit Vintage A/C System, new Borgeson power steering, has the new black pony seat covers, front Ford safety belts, full side panels, new proper black 80/20 loop carpet kit, floor insulation, purposely saved this outstanding floor with the factory red oxide inner floors, (LINK), really rare to find like this, a correct trunk mat with matching spare cover, has the side cardboard as factory, new side glass window felts are installed, all inside and outside handles very nice and done as the new door and window handles just installed, the stainless middle piece of the horizontal panel at the rear of the top is hard to find and very nice, the side chrome pieces nicely done, the windshield header panel is also top notch,

NOTE: We are in the process of changing the interior of this Mustang from black to white, installing deluxe Pony door panels and Pony seats, (LINK), all interior metal areas are painted white, new blue carpeting installed, new white top with boot to be installed,

Inner and Lower Chassis: really exceptional floors had the original insulation on red oxide inner floors (LINK) just cleaned, a very, very solid original exceptional underchassis, cleaned and then just cleared to protect with new photo documentation (LINK), some of the factory red oxide was found on the floors during the detailing, really hard to find such an original unmolested underchassis today, no signs of rust, again, this was kept in a collection for many years,

the trunk is also very nice, has the stamped numbers in the drip rails, the original quarters have the factory insulation, above the new fuel tank is the proper plaid mat, the spare tire is a cool ‘Multi-Mile 78 E78xs14” bias ply, very authentic, has a jack, all this covered by the show spare tire cover, the black boot is stored in the trunk,

Summary: here is a ‘brand new’ date ‘289’ engine that is just professionally built with the complete documented machine shop work, then hand built at Fraser Dante, the prep of the engine has top detail, all chrome throughout the car has been replaced with very nice presentation, very hard to find so nice a body and really great floors that are finished to such a high degree, said some of the red oxide is believed from the factory,  the professional buffing by a top professional on the new paint looks really great, now with all top mechanicals and detailing and the red lines, BRAND NEW original engine, extremely well priced ready for Fall 2017 Driven Show, a true piece of history with lots of documented restoration, offered at $52,000