1971 Cutlass Supreme convertible that is a very, very exciting and striking Dark Venetian Red in just terrific condition, strong appearance with the lower rocker moldings, just terrific original straight body panels, the factory dual sport mirrors for great driven show, new special dark red Hartz top and boot, this combination yields a great look with the terrific black original bucket headrest seated interior, power windows, factory Super Sport steering wheel, front GM safety belts, only 41,300 miles from information received with a sensational body, frame and underchassis, has the original matching numbers 350cid ‘Rocket’ L-34 350cid original engine with strong even compression, 4V carburetor, rated at the strong 260+ horsepower with lots of torque (MANY PHOTOS AND NUMBERS LATER IN THIS REPORT), dual exhaust system with Flowmasters, fresh 134A air conditioning system just updated so it works great, SSI factory wheels, Olds center caps, brand new Michelin XC GT4 225/70/R14 radials just installed, original Owner’s Manual (LINK), full console, correct shifter, power steering,  set up for great driving with the COMPLETE full braking system just completely rebuilt, with new front discs, then rear finned drums, from the master cylinder forward, brake booster, many professional hours of work that went into these great brakes along with the full front suspension with new alignment, then the brakes are road tested and complete effort completed for really top running performance, see the original Data Tag (LINK) of this very rare Cutlass that is so solid, front tinted glass, great expertise in braking for top driven show car out of the Fraser Dante shop with all detailing showroom ready, the air conditioning system works just wonderfully!!! see the new photos of the car taken home by Fraser Dante at home, just completed 1971 Cutlass Supreme at a Fall 2017 Car Show,

Body/chassis: presented with the dual sport mirrors, one of the really best, unmolested bodies that is available on the market today, an extremely solid and original underchassis, so very original and great solid floors that are still ‘as factory’, all quarters are believed original, our friend got this from the first owner’s family in the Orlando area with hard to find really great terrific metal presented today,  the gorgeous paint with deep luster presents so very well with the all original body panels that are so very straight, no signs of rust today, a terrific presentation with the factory lower rocker moldings and the correct chrome inner fender moldings couple the excellent both front and rear chrome large bumpers, again, this very nice 1971 Cutlass Supreme Convertible in this condition is very hard to find with such a just sensational body and underchassis, said history shows that a well known car friend of Fraser Dante bought this from the original owner’s family, many of the brakes were ‘as factory’ when we we received the  car, after he bought the car, our friend worked on it for a bit before selling to Fraser Dante to finish the updating, it is just terrific with all the body steel is original and no signs of any replacement that goes along with the family’s statement and the low miles, this car has said outside metal that is just straight as an arrow, the underchassis and frame are just sensation, the frame is so solid and the floors original, the Fraser Dante shop then re-cleaned said great chassis and then painted these black to protect and to look great for shows, (LINK), this is a rare find to have such solid metal today,

Later in this report, as this was found with many original pieces still under the car and in the the operating system, said authenticity is shown, now see the attention to the braking system that is new, the front suspension and the new shocks, this was so original when received, most of the original front suspension was still on the car, then with the new system installed, we saved the original lower pieces if the new owner wants these for its fine history,

Engine: a wonderful GM design is the famous 350cid, 4v with the dual exhaust engine, this has the matching #s 350cid Rocket V8 engine in very great condition, the numbers are posted to see how authentic this is (SEE THE LINK OF ALL THE NUMBERS), the VIN # matches the car with the #M104409, very impressive, has the the stock #407565 intake with a newer uprated Holley Avenger 4v carb and the less restrictive air cleaner to make this engine run really terrific, the hydraulic lifter heads are correct with both being #409147, the engine compression is just great with the low miles and very good reading with the just really excellent dry/cold compression just taken that shows very even at 143 to 151 lbs across, (LINK), this is rated at the strong 260+++ horsepower with lots of low end torque, just detailed the engine compartment to an nice degree by Fraser Dante, has the full dual exhaust system with stock manifolds leading to the special Flowmaster ‘mellow’ mufflers for a great sound, one can just hear the great condition of the engine as this drives and idles,

to make sure the car works great, fresh tune by Senior Fraser Dante GM tech is just completed in our shop, excellent running condition with the final work just completed including the distributor cap, rotor, full check of running condition, all fresh fluids, fresh spark plugs with new ignition wires, excellent full hoses and new belts just added, then the radiator is just flushed with fresh coolant, temperature tested, then when running, the exhaust pipes are clean and the sound is just perfect as factory,

oil/filter:  when this was found by Fraser Dante, this had ‘normal’ oil, we now use a special hi-tech oil to protect and lubricate these classic engines,  the final completion is the adding of the special high tech Valvoline 20-50 ZR1 oil with zinc to lubricate, this is very expensive and is used by top quality racing operations, (LINK)

This Cutlass Supreme convertible has a nice detailing of this engine bay to show well, the 3-speed Turbo-Hydramatic 350 transmission that works great, even dated with #8-70 to match the build and all the other numbers on the components, (LINK),

History: this fine Cutlass Supreme Convertible was found in mid-Florida by a long known car friend of Fraser Dante, he knew the car from the family and its history, the factory Data Tag (LINK) show this build was September 1st week of 1970, all of the engine, rear end and transmission parts date to this time, the car was originally Lime Green with the Green Vinal top, this had just been recently repainted to the really gorgeous striking Dark Venetian Red, then our buddy put on this great dark red top and boot at a costing of $2600, he then drove it about 200 miles to check, Fraser Dante then talked him to selling the car to put through our restoration shop since the standards of the Cutlass Supreme were so high,

In 2016, there has been a lot of upgrading and maintenance for top Driven Show with just excellent brakes and suspension, lots of ‘numbers’ are listed in this report for the history and clarification what is here today for sure, great large factory front and rear chrome bumpers, this car has lots of ‘eyes’ with its good looks and very fresh appearance, note the stock dash with the SPORT STEERING WHEEL that is part of this complete package,

Lights/running condition: all the electrics and quad Sylvania lightly system checked, the backup lights work, see the factory red taillight lenses still in the car, the turn signal work, this has the front tinted windshield and the working power windows that are a great option, the side sport mirror have the driver’s side inside adjuster, the power steering fluid is topped off,

Interior:  here is another high point of the car, after working the power windows, this has  the original black headrest bucket seats in just simply terrific condition, they look like new, the side door panels are like new and this was the original color as per data tag, according to the original owner’s family, they drove this less than 1000 miles a year and kept this in their garage for safekeeping, only out for a slight cruise or to a show, see the dash and the working gauges, the speedometer works, also equipped, with the full  GM safety belts in front seat, see the nice door handles,

Suspension/brakes: here is a really high point of this car, when bought by Fraser Dante, this drove well as stated by our friend, then our top techs then pull off the whole braking system, it was just like installed by the factory, shows how little the car was used, NOW see the PHOTOS AND LINKS of all the work just completed for Fall 2017, we spent hours and hours as we found the original finned rear drums that were never turned still on the car recognizing the claimed low mileage, these were then sent out to be turned, then detailed, the new rear brake shoes were installed, all the wheel cylinder hardware, 3 new proper brake hoses, then the front disc brakes have new pads and discs, again we did all the hoses, system had added brake fluid and then the system is bled and road tested,

To further show the Fraser Dante techs at work, see the photos of the brake wheel spindles that have been detailed with fresh bushings, then the dust shields are detailed, all the bushings are changed, this full braking system is show and safe condition, (LINK), this also has the new upper and lower A arm bushings (the original ones just removed), new upper and lower ball joints, the professional alignment with the attached specs in the (LINK),

Shocks: when received, this was such a low mileage car that it still had the original shocks still installed on the car, they are are now just taken off with a full set of brand new heavy duty Monroe shocks installed (SEE LINK), photos show all of this new work,

SUMMARY: now ready to go to the golf course at the country club with the clubs in the trunk, this has a terrific power plant that has fresh servicing, a really great disc brakes system, power windows, it is very hard to find with such a terrific, original underchassis, with the gorgeous Dark Red Burgundy car, the as black bucket headrest seats and full interior, dual sport mirrors, very strong 350cid/4v, excellent new Michelins, all of this gives an outstanding look for a terrific cruiser and local show car, excellent mechanicals just prepared for 2018 shows (see the photos of the first Fall show we took this too) and an amazing presence with the final tune and road testing, seen with photo at the home of Tom and Tevie Fraser in late October 2017, ready to go and enjoy with all modern operating systems, only $34,950