1965 Mustang convertible in just fantastic condition with dated engine numbers, all body parts and the wonderful underchassis have full stampings, very top investment quality as a very rare convertible with simply an amazing and unmolested body and really great underchassis, shown in the just gorgeous and rare correct Tropical Turquoise color, the presentation of the paint is just really terrific, this has a really fantastic very rare original body with all Ford dated stampings along with has an just incredible underchassis with great side lower pinch welds and FOMOCO stampings, top mechanicals completed as a serious driven show condition gloss black presentation, the 289cid has just great even compression of 145 to 152 lbs across, here is the finest V8 convertible original factory body and just wonderful chassis as Fraser Dante has never seen such an amazing car in our 29 years! the very top quality for the European market with this very top hand wiped chassis presentation is so very hard to find, just really great body with said FOMOCO stampings and lower chassis pinch welds, now in a top Driven Show Car to the European standards for Summer 2017, the C5 dated 289cid engine is just tuned and set up as driven show detailed, has the C-4 automatic transmission, the original radiator was still in the car when Fraser Dante received and now has a restored unit in place, the original black interior looks fantastic, believed the original top is still on the car to all signs, the same to the top that remains in same good condition, the lighting is checked, new fuel tank, one can see the uprated suspension with added rear sway bar and fresh shocks, all new brakes just installed, photos of the underchassis substantiate the wonderful condition, see below description for the documented work just completed by the Fraser Dante professional restoration team, this was taken home twice by Tom and Tevie Fraser with great comments especially from younger people, (LINK),

Dating: really great dating shows the authenticity is further shown with all the engine numbers and dating that match to confirm all the body and equipment parts of this really fabulous chassis, the front inner fenders have the Ford stampings photos show how exacting the car is today, this has the dated 289cid ‘C’ code engine, see the exacting information shown for the numbers on the car today, has the correct FACTORY Autolite C5 ZF H 2100 carberator tab LINK along with even the steering BOX tab for the car that shows HCC AT-4M03B to be very correct (LINK), also this even has the original rear end tab (LINK), that shows this to have the 2.80:1 rear end with date code of 4MA that is proper for the 289/2v engine setup for the ‘C’ code and automatic transmission, the original and exceptional floors have stamped lower rocker are painted black and detailed with signs of the partial showing of the factory red oxide, Data Tag information (LINK),

Body and paint: every body panel is correct as factory with all the FOMOCO dated stampings everywhere, see the exacting photos of both front fenders, also the rear trunk drip rails (LINK), really simply amazing, this just had a one recent repaint where found by Fraser Dante, after going through our restoration shop,

Even though the paint was really, really nice when acquired Fraser Dante, after the check of mechanicals and engine, then many hours of hand work by the Fraser Dante restoration staff with the special 3 stage process to prepare, first stripping the previous wax off, then adding the initial base cleaner wax, then that is taken off and the final coat of top quality modern high tech wax is used, now this outside looks amazing,

this had a one paint on the outside with the lower rockers still had the original paint, see the close up photos of that area that
is hand worked by Fraser Dante, one can clearly see the great FOMOCO factory body stampings still there and very readable, (LINK), so solid and very straight are the lower pinch welds in the side lower rockers and chassis, (SEE LINK),

Engine: many LINKS in this specific report yield outstanding information about the original famous power plant, please read with here is a simply wonderful fully dated 289cid unit, note only is the block dated C5AE, the hydraulic lifter heads are both
shown to have ‘289 65’ on both sides, the driver’s side head is 4.l.27 and the passenger side is 4.m.3, this is really great,
see the (LINK) for the rebuilt correct FACTORY C5 ZF H 2100 Autolite carberator tab, has the C5 intake manifold, Fraser Dante refreshed the engine with a new front water pump, checked the timing chain, set the points and timing of the distributor, a dry cold reading of the engine compression shows 145 to 152 lbs across, this is just really great and shows the constant care for many years, see the (LINK), we can assume that this was rebuilt relatively recently since the readings are so good and the heads so clean when checked with the valve covers off and new gaskets just installed,

some upgrading and maintenance through the years now results in an aluminized dual ‘H’ pipe exhaust system from the downpipe back now with an mellow muffler system extending to the rear lower bumper, the below work shows that we are a restoration full staff professional shop,

running condition upgrades: when received at the Fraser Dante shop late Fall 2016 our team continued the upgrading of said original engine bay, there were some tired pieces were still on said engine as we found that many original parts were still on the car, the technical in house team then has a brand new water pump just now installed, new proper radiator, new timing chain and gaskets, also a new aluminum water pump, new oil pump and pickup with new oil pan gasket, new valve cover gaskets, the 2v carberator rebuild, 

oil/fluids: the fluids are fresh, the radiator flushed with fresh coolant to -20o, racing oil/filter: Special Valvoline high performance VR1 20-50 high zinc oil is added along with new filter for engine protection (LINK), note this step is the top racing quality oil that can only engines without a catalytic converter, this was done and driven, then checked in our shop an the oil and dipstick are crystal clean, the restored radiator is flushed with new coolant added for great cooling,

for good lighting:  this has a restored valuable as factory ‘round case Autolite alternator’ fitted and tested, the headlights are now the proper original style ‘standard headlights that work, one could chose for us to install a more modern halogen set if they desire,

note: this was so correct that his still had the original Ford radiator in the car when purchased by Fraser Dante, now a just another restored factory 2 row unit along with fresh coolant has just been installed with upper and lower hoses in the uprating and maintianence of the car, the belts replaced, in order to insure clean fuel for enjoyment driving, this was received with many original parts, now there is a fresh new fuel tank with fuel intake installed with proper hangers, the sending unit and fuel intake system work just fine for the dash gauge, this makes sure there is great trouble free driving, fully detailed trunk (LINK),

Suspension/Handling: for sure one can tell that this has had wonderful and attention during its show life, see that the photos show the fresh bushings on the proper ‘C’ code front sway, this has the cool newly added rear sway bar with all fresh bushings,
this add on makes the car handle really well, when acquired, this still had the older believed original shocks that were not safe for driving, now a full set of 4 fresh Monroe quality shocks are installed, excellent springs both front and rear, then new spring perches, it takes both money and real expertise to accomplish this full suspension build, solid underchassis (LINK),

brakes: expensive brake work completed by Fraser Dante, note the brake lines are replaced with both steel and rubber with hardware kit as needed, front and rear full brakes just installed, these rear brakes just fully checked and freshly rebuilt as needed with shoes, cylinders, photos document (LINK), new brake lines just custom built at Fraser Dante, all the brake lines are then flushed and road test to make sure this has great stopping abilities, has new rear axle seals installed, the final preparation so their excellent condition is verified with the test drives and taking to show off to represent Fraser Dante, has the proper for convertibles underchassis support,

Interior/trunk: has the ORIGINAL full standard black correct interior with well padded bucket seats still well presented, black safety belts, nice door panels along with inside and outside door handles, new black carpet, full terrific black dash pad, excellent proper bezel, again the original black  top and black boot that still remain just fine, full size original Uniroyal E78-14 bias ply spare tire and correct jack, proper plaid cover for inside trunk, 

Summary:  really a very, very top quality and very rare Mustang for the most demanding of collectors, those who want ‘as factory and very original unmolested, a really great car, just finished ready for Summer 2017 at a really exceptional presentation and VERY rare body with terrific underchassis, offered for a really rare quality first year classic 1965 Mustang convertible ready to be enjoyed or go into a collection, great car with careful protection of the body and underchassis since its inception, hard to find so nice, now priced at only $42,950