1965 MUSTANG 2+2 GT



1965 Mustang GT 2+2 with 4200 miles from new, believed to be the lowest mile, documented, authentic 1965 GT 2+2 4-speed available in the USA! very serious collector/investment quality, one Atlanta owner from new (SEE STATEMENT FROM FIRST OWNER) until the restoration process started in 2015 with final update and refurbishment Summer 2017, ready for Fall shows, just outstanding all original body panels with fresh gorgeous Silver Smoke Blue Gray Metallic color, Chroma base coat/clear coat paint then with the special 3 coats of clear PermaFinish to protect the luster, then professional high speed ‘finishing’ every body panel original, mechanical and suspension upgrades done in the late ‘60s by said original owner, then refreshed suspension and new fresh mechanicals just completed, Ford dates and stampings in all critical areas, the original proper C5 fully numbered 289cid hydraulic lifter GT engine, uprated cam, his work, great compression, period Hedman headers, real Shelby Cobra intake, Cobra ‘open’ valve covers, factory dated 4-speed, stock lockout linkage, see the (LINK) of the important ‘numbers’, restored to top Driven Show condition with great emphasis on mechanicals, Monte Carlo bar, 1” Shelby sway bar, rear sway bar, new 1965 styled steel wheels, dual red line radial tires, fresh new front dual line GT disc brakes, full gorgeous black mostly original interior, new floor carpet, rear fold down, factory wood GT wheel, uprated with the 1965 Ralley Pac, special front safety belts, the front ‘A’ arms, control arms are new with new bushings, all upper and lower ball joints are new, the original spare tire with stampings, there are many large information sheets, original documents - window sticker, invoice, manual (LINK), top mechanicals just completed, a serious investment $70,000

HISTORY: an original bodied so highly documented, extremely solid condition and  great presentation yielded from a very real 4200 mile factory GT 2+2, this writer for sure has known John Lynam since 1971 in my racing days, stayed in contact with him for years and then saw this car in his basement in 2014, see the card as the Mustang Club of America Georgia Regional President card and Georgia Registration showing the purchase in 6-7-65 (LINK),see the letter just signed by John about the history of his car (LINK), there is the photo of John taken with the car in June 2016 (LINK) with finished restoration, many photos show the car after start of the 2015 - 2017 restoration as the Fraser Dante shop prepares the car to the amazing standards for the second time, so very valuable with the Ford body parts and mechanical stampings and the dates that still remain on the factory 2+2 GT, this final work is just completed by top professionals to bring this up to great investment standards, hard to find such a real GT 2+2 with 4-speed and low miles of for sure 4200 miles and ownership history, the show sign for display is part of the history and package,

Numbers:  VERY IMPORTANT!  An original body that is for sure ‘as factory’ with all panels that came on the car, (SEE LYNAM’S STATEMENT OF AUTHENTICITY), this paragraph shows the very extensive very important stamped ‘numbers’ that exist on the car today! There are extensive photos showing these exacting panels (SEE LINK), importantly, all the proper areas like the lower pinch welds on the horizontal rockers, the engine bay with the inner fender date codes, the outside front fenders, the inner front fenders still have the Ford factory stampings, many photos in this report verify said stampings plus exacting photos as these confirm the real investment and authenticity of this rare GT 2+2, data tag information (LINK),

Engine: this for sure is the original C5 dated 289cid GT engine that is very fresh and strong today, presented with expensive period Cobra ‘open’ aluminum valve covers, has just great compression, it is better than factory with the upgrades installed by the original owner in the mid-late ‘60s, a well known shop in that era, Bob Callahan who was well known to this writer, he installed an uprated Engle ‘322’ cam that was chosen with strong low end torque (SEE LINK), Callahan also reworked with hydraulic heads with porting and polishing with valve work as was done in the era (LINK), has period Hedman vertical headers from the original heads leading into the full aluminized dual exhaust system, according to Callahan, this should produce about 275 horsepower as per the said builder,
all very original with a casting of C5AE, see the very important list of NUMBERS that are on TWO sheets supplied (LINK), these back up for sure this original engine since this writer has known said original owner since the ‘70s,

When this was received from the well know local car professional who started this new restoration work as another labor of love that couples also the fact that this had sat in the basement all these years, the engine bay was simply tired looking when received, the previous restorers did a lot of specialized work but were not Mustang show experts, the next step is completed with then the photos show the professional Mustang shop at Fraser Dante spent many hours as they bring said engine bay up to top MCA standards, items like the proper 1965 inner fender bolts are on the car, said photos also yield how nice the final work is being hand done today for investment quality,
To show the great condition today, this has an wonderful compression reading just taken to show the build and the fine recent maintenance, the dry/cold readings are from 147 to 155 lbs across (LINK), these are better than new and these will even get better as a few miles are put on the car and the readings are taken with a warm engine, these are really great, then Fraser Dante team went through this hydraulic lifter head/valve system again,
The ignition system has the Pertronix distributor that has the yellow top coil, the timing is set by the Senior Tech at
Fraser Dante, then limited road testing, engine work in process (LINK),

Intake system: the first owner added an original Shelby American sourced mid-rise aluminum intake manifold back in early 1966, John did order this from Shelby for sure along with a Holley 4v 600cfm carburetor at that time, now in the last preparation to be able to drive well, an Edelbrock #1406 600 cfm carb with electric choke is fitted (SEE THE LINK WITH ALL THE NUMBERS), this carb has been updated and tuned to the car today, hi-po Cobra air intake system, all new fuel lines are used in the build, new fuel pump, this runs just great, if someone desires, in the special Fraser Dante ‘stash’ of Mustang parts there is a restored C5 Ford 4v standard intake manifold that could be exchanged, to fit the C5 intake, we also have a valuable restored Autolite 4100 4v carburetor, this system is an extra costing, (LINK),

there were updates that were added to this rare 1965 2+2 GT when said first owner had the car, that he dearly loved, it included the better than stock Engle ‘322’  camshaft with a really nice ‘rumble’ for strong street use, he used the correct original C5 hydraulic lifter dated heads along with above mentioned header system to make this right below the real Shelby in power,

transmission: this is the original top loader 4 speed transmission, the C5AR along with the full set numbers shown on this report (LINK) confirm that is the close ratio 4-speed transmission that was produced after February 1, 1965, John bought this car on June 7, 1965 (LINK) here at Beaudry Ford in Atlanta, this also retains the stock linkage with the reverse lockout and the shifter handle,

in the final prep this has a new fresh water pump, the radiator has been restored, fresh coolant, all new proper hoses and clamps, a brand new battery installed and proper HD cables along with a cut off safety switch, rebuilt Autolite round case alternator, said correct Ford stamped hoses fitted with correct tower hose clamps, this engine is highly detailed for Driven Show, photos of valve covers off and work in progress (LINK),

Now to maintain and lubricate these older engines, Fraser Dante has added the fresh high tech, expensive Zinc content ZR1 Racing 20-50 oil that is now installed with new oil filter, this protects the engine with the zinc lubricant and the heavy duty viscosity oil, (LINK),

Fuel system: since this car had sat for many years, the fuel system needed to be redone for performance with the new carburetor and engine, thusly also included now is the brand new fuel tank, insulation and sending unit (LINK)to insure clean and fresh fuel for really great driving, this install includes the full tank, all the fuel intake and then the new lines that go to the engine, this insures great engine operation with clean fuel,

Driveshaft: since this car had sat for many years, a Fraser Dante added benefit is for those who really want their classic Mustang to drive ‘as new’ as this driveshaft had been in the car for many years, now at considerable expense we had the driveshaft professionally rebuilt by our top sub, the main tube is tube spun and fully checked, new “U” joints installed to make sure this is vibration free and strong, the slip yoke has even been addressed, said the balanced, restored driveshaft in order to insure safe and vibration free driving, fully balanced and strength checked, new yokes and slip joints restored, then painted black to protect (LINK), then picked up and reinstalled after the chassis detail, this whole process of the driveline work alone is a $630 addition including the trips to take and return, then a test drive is done to check,

Suspension/Running Gear: brand new fresh GT brakes work great, has the front stainless steel front GT slotted discs system just installed, even has the dual lines for safety, this is the best system available, for the completely stock presentation, we could change the master cylinder back to a single line GT system that the factory used initially, we would use from Stainless Steel Corp, this will be more correct but would give up the dual line system that adds safety, also the rear drums with drums and full hardware are just done,

Note for better handling that long ago John has ordered from and added the 1966 Shelby GT 350 lower traction bars along with a rear sway bar back in early 1966, these have very good bushings so thusly couple the great handling, with the front Monte Carlo bar that is now painted black as would be era correct, this handles very well, 

Steering box: shown here in the (LINK) is the quick ratio proper steering box for the GT cars, the tab number is HCC AX, date is 5E18C, May 18, 1965, clearly shown, proper and as factory,

suspension: has a new whole new lower end for looks and handling, ‘A’ arms with the front end bushings are new, the ball joints are just done along with the tie rod ends, brand new lower control arms that are detailed with new bushings, (LINK), full alignment just completed (SEE SPECS), the shocks are brand new excellent units just installed, the whole lower front end is newly updated with new springs just installed, then in order to keep the proper ‘attitude’ of the car good with the strong springs, the front end is lowered 1”, again, John so many years ago had added the 1” Shelby front sway bar that has excellent bushings, also he put on the rear lower sway bar that was a just offered, then he added the 1966 Shelby GT 350 lower traction bars (SEE THE SPECIFIC PHOTOS) that was part of the extras that Shelby supplied for these cars,

since the new suspension and springs have been installed from the stored status car for so many years, now a top front end shop has completed a fresh alignment for the front end, specs are shown in this report (LINK), this great 2+2 now yields a far better handling GT than when he received the car, clean and solid underchassis (LINK),

Wheels/tires: This was received with American Racing Mags that had been on the car since the early ‘70s, they were stored with the car but were not appropriate for such a great real 2+2 GT, now brand new great 14x7 1965 styled steel wheels, center caps, lug nuts, then the very expensive B.F.Goodrich 205/70/14 dual redline radials tires are just installed with full balancing, John Lynam had installed those American Mags in the early ‘70s and were actually kept on his wall since the car was on jack stands for many years, these wheels were just sold this car is so more authentic and set up for this rare GT to top show and driving standards,  

Body panels: This has the proper GT hangers that are checked, has the rear crush lower panels, all of the body parts are ‘as factory’, note this writer does for sure know this car to be the one owner who we have known since 1971, we saw this stored unit in his basement, due to the way that was protected, John confirms that the temperature did not vary over 20o in the period of 1974 until 2014, then Fraser Dante has confirmed with all signs of the factory production that the front stamped outside fenders and the inner fenders have the proper Ford stampings, there are very specific photos taken to show these very important inner fender date stamps, the front outer fender stampings, the vertical inner fender stampings, these are shown in the many photos and then a specific (LINK)

The hood is the important factory original with the Ford stamped #s on the inner passenger side, the springs are just taken off, bead blasted, cleared for show, the front hood closure area for the hood on the radiator support has also just been taken apart, bead blasted, cleared and note this area is ready for show, also the rear quarters are the factory originals, these rear quarter sides are just so very straight with the proper factory lines, when Lynam was updating his car in early 1966, he put on a slightly larger tire on the rear mounted on his American Racing Mags of the period, at that time, John carefully took the inner lips of the rear fenders that were stamped with a sharp inner edge, then by hand at his house, he slightly made very minor cuts on the inner slightly rolled said inside pressings to make sure said inside was to clear his tires, this can only be ascertained when one runs their fingers around the inner fenders with again note that logically this should have been a factory idea,

note that as a 1965 GT 2+2, this is an early car with no backup lights, the lower rear valence below the bumper is thusly clean, the backup lights were an option that did not come on many cars, this retains the original rear lower valence panel,

the photos are part of this report are very exacting but they are hard to see with the digital camera, the trunk area is also in top shape with the inner lips being as factory produced with the welds and seams in the drip rails, the inner trunk panels have the factory applied side sealant,

spare:  here another piece of authenticity and for investment purposes is that this has the original full size original spare tire, wheel and the jack from new, the original steel wheel is stamped by Ford with ‘5M4’ by Fomoco, the tire is the original B.F.Goodrich Silvertown 6.95x14 bias ply whitewall with no DOT code showing this is before the ‘70s, very early tire with said spare also still has the white #109913 stamped on the tire tread of the tire (SEE LINK), also as the original jack and handle that are kept in the new plaid bag for shows, the plaid tire cover, the new proper plaid cover for inside trunk, the slightly extra inner coating

Paint just completed: today this has a really great presentation with wonderful luster, back in 2015 after this car came from this long term storage in Lyman’s basement with all sorts of personal possessions on top of it, this writer saw said car in the house, then a fine dealer collector generally an expert in the newer Mercedes and BMWs, who is well know to us, really started a an effort to bring this up as mentioned as a labor of love to this  fine new presentation, his notes show that this car was stripped to the metal, block sanded, primed, then a two stage process base coat/clear coat in the rare and gorgeous Silver Smoke Gray Blue Metallic was applied (there are many receipts of said work in the file), then this had a special extras ‘PermaFinish’ clear protective with 3 coats used in the final paint process, see the attached 6 year Warrantee attach to show this process (LINK), then finally in Summer 2017, Fraser Dante just finished this paint presentation with our professional ‘finisher’ with his high tech chemicals and special hi-speed soft wheels that used to bring out the great luster (LINK),  

In the new trim work, a new front chrome bumper is installed as the other one was hurt in said basement, items like the very desirable original stainless trim around the front windshield and the large rear window are original and just polished,

Interior: very rarely does one find such an amazing stock and original black standard interior in great condition with some maintenance that was needed, the bucket seats do have new padding, the very nice rear fold down seat, the original door panels have some new inner door handles, also has a newly installed headliner that is ‘as new’, the seats have great  new padding and virtually perfect as from the factory, the inner door panels are ‘as factory’, great and all working door handles, has the original rear carpet above the fold down seat that is just dyed black and looks just terrific, has new armrests, full ‘windlace’ around the car, 

John, said original owner, all those years ago, put in the Shelby style passenger 4 point competition type seat belt harness for the driver’s bucket seat, has the heavy duty cross lap belt with snap closure and the two point over the shoulder harness, the passenger side is the stock Mustang black cross belt, one could chose to leave this as is, I would, or have Fraser Dante put in a stock driver’s side to match the passenger side, this writer believes that keeping this as the original owner did adds to the value and authenticity of this rare GT 2+2,

This comes with the really stock dash pod, the gauges work, of course the fuel gauge works as there is a whole new fuel tank and system, the trim very good and better than the photos show due to the digital camera show, the GT steering wheel is a exacting factory GT wood replica since Lynam changed said wheel in early 1966, one can see 4 toggle switches that go to nowhere today, John put those in to discourage any theft and confuse bad people with a planned shut off that never happened, they remain today,

The 5 side, vent and rear windows are all original ‘Carlite’ factory windows, now is fine shape that came with the car excepting the new front tinted glass windshield that is just installed with new seals, in this case, this is the very high quality repro Carlite that has the proper stampings in the middle of that glass,

Ralley Pac: this GT 2+2 did not come with a Ralley Pac but simply deserves this nice addition, a brand new expensive 1965 unit with the full wiring is just installed so both the tachometer and the clock work (LINK), photos show the new unit as well as the professional installation in the Fraser Dante shop, this really adds to the presence of the real GT,

Summary: this Classic 1965 Mustang GT 2+2 is highly desired worldwide piece with its fine known history that ‘nails’ the real history with photos of the original owner for authenticity, all of said info, photos and LINKS show this to be the correct GT ‘a’ Code, 4-speed 2+2 with VERY LOW 4200 MILES, a really a great presentation with straight original body and terrific luster to the fresh paint, a wonderful solid and detailed underchassis and fresh suspension, fully checked at the Fraser Dante shop, Owner's Manual (LINK), copy of 1965 Mustang brochure (LINK), now a serious investment piece to drive or put in a collection, the ‘real deal’, $70,000