1966 MUSTANG 2+2 'GT'



1966 Mustang 2+2 ‘GT’ restored in absolutely beautiful Signalflare Red paint with a really great body, terrific lines, fine history known to Fraser Dante for many years, now with just wonderful mechanicals and many desirable options, was an original ‘C’ code 289cid 1966 Mustang 2+2 fastback, just now upgraded with the ‘A’ Code ‘GT’ upgrades including the 302cid/4v setup, very strong engine prepared for stock show presentation, fresh Valvoline VR1 20w50 high zinc racing oil, additional full great options include the C-4 automatic transmission, Ford power steering, dual line power SSBC disc brakes, working and fresh Vintage air conditioning, great setup with the new aluminum radiator system just installed for great cooling, very excellent compression, a new 4v Edelbrock carberator and Edelbrock Performer aluminum intake just installed, highly detailed for stock show engine bay shown with exacting photos in this report, GT dual aluminized exhaust system, MCA Cobra kit, full professional tech tune, new Motorcraft battery, working front GT lights, a fantastic body and just stunning Signalflare Red, highly professionally buffed, uprated chrome 1965 styled wheels, new Hankook Optimo P205/75/14 radial whitewall tires, detailed great very solid black show underchassis, beautiful black standard interior with fold down rear, has the stock factory console, show Mustang floor mats, full strong fresh suspension with Shelby 1” sway bar, new front coil springs and purchases, new rear leaf springs, full fresh alignment, a 63A Southern car with great known history from long time Mustang friends, just out of the Fraser Dante restoration shop with full mechanicals and braking system ready for Fall 2018, many ‘numbers’ and specific photos are shown in this report, a terrific restoration with fresh upgrades just completed, hard to find such a solid car with excellent mechanicals and so many great drivable options!   

Body: a very straight body with just excellent lines, all sheet metal is believed original and so very laser straight, this came from long time Mustang friends who know top quality, has a really has a very good base coat/clear coat that is just highly professionally detailed, this just glistens in the sun with wonderful presence and luster, a GT look with the front grill lights and plain sides with the lower rocker molding looks just wonderful, really MCA street driven show quality, looks great with the show quality desirable 1965 styled steel wheels that are increasingly hard to find today, the chrome throughout the car is in great condition, both great front and rea bumpers, all new emblems, the trim around the tinted windshield is done, even the chrome inserts on the “B’ pillar of the fastback are like new, taillight lenses, chrome bezels, all the hard to do trim around the rear window, all door handles new, has chrome dual outside mirrors,

Engine: a great point about this 1966 Mustang 2+2 is the really fantastic engine with great data supplied, a rebuild of a 302 cid engine that was done previously from the builder well known to Fraser Dante, then mechanicals initially gone through in our shop and now just finished again and then upgraded to higher standards for the second time, (SEE THE ATTACHED LINK) that show all the ‘numbers’ of said engine and heads, all the components parts, the very desired ‘Mexican’ strong heavy duty block as determined by the casting and date code numbers, (LINK) this has a high nickel content and was sought after in the late ‘60s for Mustang/Shelby race cars including the factory cars, looks completely show stock, this unit works perfectly, rated at way over the 225++ stock horsepower today with the uprated Edelbrock 4v intake system and dual exhaust, these blocks are so valuable today, the hydraulic lifter heads are fresh and just fully checked in the Fraser Dante shop, just now installed is the brand new 4v barrel Edelbrock 500 cfm #1404 manual Shelby choke carburetor, (LINK), Edelbrock ‘Performer’ aluminum intake, this is the best street carb and intake on the market today, the install has all new gaskets, bolts, then painted to look factory stock for show presentation, this setup is lighter in weight, has more power and easy to maintain, has an uprated aluminum radiator painted black to look stock for great cooling with the air conditioning, believed in the 240 horsepower range today,
has a highly detailed stock appearing engine bay, all correct new spark plug wires, great spark plugs, the radiator hoses are stamped correctly, proper belts, excellent water pump, the exhaust manifolds detailed and painted for show presentation, see the proper Autolite solenoid, excellent dry reading compression from 145psi to 150psi across, (LINK)

racing oil/filter: Special Valvoline high performance VR1 20w50 high zinc oil is added along with new filter for engine protection (LINK), said oil gives the proper zinc for the lubrication of the engine, note this step is using the top racing quality oil that can only be used on engines without a catalytic converter, very few shops use this top quality oil that protects the engine so well,

see the AutoLite voltage regulator, has a brand new Motorcraft battery, heavy duty cables, the distributor has new points and condenser, new filter, fresh spark plugs, the full Cobra kit includes the correct show valve covers, dual aluminized exhaust from the nice mufflers back after the stock exhaust manifolds, has the proper period rumble, this is now one of the new type builds demanded by the quality market today, one can ascertain all about this car’s running condition with all the information supplied, highly show detailed engine bay, has the show correct Cobra chrome air cleaner, all the proper decals, Hi-Po orange air filter, windshield washer system, brand new Motorcraft battery with correct Ford cables just installed, also has a new battery disconnect installed to make sure the battery stays strong,

Cooling system: a new expensive 3 row aluminum radiator, flex fan and additional shroud system just installed by Fraser Dante for additional cooling for the strong engine and the air conditioning system (LINK), it is painted black to look stock, new radiator cap, has the new flex fan that is just installed for optimal cooling for street performance, new cooling lines, all new belts, fresh antifreeze for protection, photos also show the installation work at Fraser Dante,

Transmission/rear end: has very smooth C-4 transmission (6), this has fresh fluids and is road checked, the 3 speeds shift great, these C-4 units are getting very hard to find in today’s market, the rear end has fresh dope, the rear end chunk is detailed with the proper original Red Oxide that was received and then updated with fresh red oxide (SEE PHOTO), the axle ratio is factory correct 2.79:1 (1), running gear information (LINK),

Interior: full deluxe black bucket seated interior beautifully done (26) in very, very good condition, photos show the very careful preparation in the Fraser Dante restoration shop checking and preparing the carpet for show conditions, a very desirable factory correct stock console, LINK, working factory AM radio, fold down rear seat, new seats and door panels, padded black dash, full instrument cluster refinished, instruments work, nice black carpeting, Mustang special show mats, correct console with factory automatic shifter, original black redone steering wheel, show windshield washer system, four safety belts, has the dual outside chrome mirrors, deluxe inside day/night rear view mirror, working backup lights just checked, trunk redone, correct mat, full size spare with redline tire, tire cover and jack,

Brakes/Suspension: just excellent suspension and braking system that is documented with fresh photos, this work for Fall 2018 shows the Fraser Dante shop going through the front power dual line disc brakes, said SSBC system was initially installed by Fraser Dante when first sold and then when purchased back all the braking system has been checked and updated again, (LINK), front pads are great, the rear drums are new shoes and hardware, this braking area is one of the high points on a Fraser Dante Mustang that have great love and attention built into the car, brand new front coil springs and purchases just installed along with new rear leaf springs, brand new Hankook Optimo P205/75/14 whitewall radial tires just installed, full alignment just completed,

Underchassis: the underchassis is just cleaned and in top driven show #2 condition, really nice floors that are factory original according to what is there today from careful examination, (LINK), these have been nicely painted black for show presentation, we believe that only the right rear quarter has been beautifully replaced during the early restoration, all the other body and floor are ‘as factory’, trunk redone (LINK),

History: hard to find such a nice Mustang with great history as this car has, this has the Data Tag (LINK), with the DSO 36, Louisville, date 21K, this is a really correct 1966 one year color as a gorgeous Signalflare Red (5), CandyApple is dark red and this is a beautiful and rare slightly orange red tint, a gorgeous color that is hard to capture with photos, the car was initially done and found at a show in Alabama by a really top Mustang restorer well known to Fraser Dante, this work was done after being found in Huntsville where it had been for 20 years, the restoration went from 1999 until the end of 2001, then work was done by a top Mustang restorer in Northern Alabama who worked on the car, then sold to a collector in Tennessee, he had it in safekeeping and kept it highly maintained, then back to Fraser Dante for final work, then to another collector who improved the car again, finally back to Fraser Dante, enjoyment to bring up to really great, great condition, the fresh photos show the great underchassis and superb braking system, this has a wonderful look and great mechanicals,

Glass: Excellent condition as shown with items like the exceptional original Carlite Ford glass in all five windows with only the front windshield being a newer tinted glass version with new rubber seals, hard to find so much original Carlite glass that includes the valuable rear glass, has halogen modern headlights, even the interior lights work on the factory center console when the door is open, emergency blinker light switch in glove compartment,

Has an 1966 Mustang Owner’s Manual that has been with the car for years, could be valuable due to age but cannot ascertain (LINK), copy of the Ford Mustang literature on the 2+2s plus the specs yielding data about this iconic style that are used for show purposes (LINK), one of the most desirable vehicles ever produced was the MUSTANG 2+2 FASTBACK, used as the basis of the 1965-66 Shelby GT350s, the Mustang was one of the first collector cars in America being good looking and fun to drive with a reasonable price, the '65-'66 Mustang was so popular that over 1,000,000 were made in just two years in the 60's, there are clubs and magazines that are exclusively just for Mustangs, just finished very beautiful restoration of the MUSTANG 1966 CODE 2+2 FASTBACK, see the Ford Mustang brochure showing this model in the GT ‘K’ code format (LINK),

Summary: really just terrific condition and history, a very hard to find strongly built 302cid engine with great block that is detailed to look very stock, when this came back to Fraser Dante, a full check as shown above is completed with items like the dual aluminized exhaust with new lower hangers, full suspension redone, good shocks checked, brand new whitewall radial tires balanced for good driving abilities, full alignment done, has the very desirable uprated aluminum radiator system and expensive working air conditioning for great cooling, a hard to get 2+2 with known history for many years, excellent credentials, a really great very strong engine, uprated 4v intake ‘GT’ system, automatic transmission, power steering, power disc brakes made an ease to drive in the ‘real world’ with traffic, really just looks spectacular, a terrific classic with ‘great eyes’, ready for an MCA driven show, full updates now completed in Fall 2018 for that collector who wants as gorgeous classic Mustang that is set up to drive and enjoy, now offered at only $46,950

1966 MUSTANG ‘GT’ 2+2 READY FALL  2018