1966 GT Mustang Convertible that is a true and real very rare GT convertible presented in just beautiful factory Tahoe Turquoise with very great luster, great mechanicals, an extremely nice body and terrific full show detailing with great effort completed for a showroom very striking luster, fully equipped with many very desirable options yielding a serious Driven MCA quality Show car, a very strong rebuilt proper original properly dated C5AE/6.f.17 289cid block and dated heads for the 4V ‘A’ Code engine with really great compression, even the  that works perfectly, fresh tune and high tech oil, the engine unit was taken out of car for said new fresh updates all documented by the Fraser Dante restoration team, now using a Edelbrock carb for driving perfection, brand new hand formed dual aluminized ‘H’ pipe dual exhaust system with new mufflers for top show conditions, just installed is a new fully rebuilt C-4 automatic transmission, uprated Vintage Air Conditioning system just fully checked, new aluminum radiator, new Borgeson power steering system just installed, correct factory RARE Original Turquoise and White Pony two-tone interior, GT wood steering wheel, new safety belts, newer show console, very good contrasting white top, believed original and valuable 1966 rally pac with working tachometer, 1966 styled steel wheels, expensive radial dual line redlines, fresh braking system, a proper turquoise boot, working GT fog lights, rear luggage rack, has only a one repaint from new with a more recent clearcoat with professional detailing, great chrome and stainless polished,  a just great underchassis just highly show detailed with red oxide, dual Pony outside mirrors, white vinyl power top, working GT fog lights, proper back up lights in the rear valence,

The final restoration just completed by Fraser Dante now looking forward to Fall 2018 Top Driven Show or going out to dinner at a restaurant and parking proudly in front, it is a very hard to find real  GT convertible that is presented today with the proper lower rocker crush panels and other confirming build aspects, in such solid condition with lots of options and outstanding mechanicals that are desired worldwide, all the final show detailing now completed and road testing ready! 

body/paint:  a really excellent body that is rust free along with straight line, has just terrific rear quarter panels and the factory front fenders that are all believed to be ‘as produced’ from the Ford factory, no signs of any change, the floors and torque boxes appear be as produced from the history with only two rear footwells that were professionally installed when the previous owner had the car, now presented back to factory stock with the great metal work that is found, then Fraser Dante staff spent many hours under the car to prepare (LINK) with the hand professional paint and prep for these nice and solid floors to have the fresh red-oxided underchassis, this is presented with a mirror to show the top quality of said underchassis,

this is the original color to the car, from information given when Fraser Dante bought this car plus our expertise with examining said paint and body, it is believed an original Tahoe Turquoise color with only one re-paint some time ago during its life, then cleared later, no signs of rust, NOW is just professionally wet sanded and highly buffed (LINK), said paint has but a very, very few minor flaws that are hard to find as said paint work was done a few years ago, now these small areas are very very hard to see in the light, it was virtually off the road for many years when found, as in Summer 2018, the final detailing was professionally accomplished with many hours of great artistic blending at Fraser Dante by our staff to prepare with a just terrific luster and presentation,

Engine: an original fully properly dated strongly rebuilt 289cid with the factory at 225 horsepower, Edelbrock 4V carburetor that is installed for great driving excellence, all the numbers are checked (LINK), the block is a C5AE with a dated of 6.f.17, see the proper has very even and strong compression that shows how good the engine is today, see the (LINK) of 132 to 140 lbs that is excellent, the hydraulic lifter heads are dated 6.f.14 and 6.5.20, just terrific, new dual full aluminized exhaust system and mufflers, has now an uprated aluminum radiator painted black with new hoses and clamps, all to insure fine cooling operation in the future with flex fan and fan shroud for great cooling in the modern world today,

the engine was taken out to check the lower end and install bearing, see photos of the work and the reinstall (LINK), new alternator, new starter, water pump, thermostat, stock style ignition system with yellow top coil, C6 casting stock intake manifold with Edelbrock #1406 (600cfm) carburetor with electric choke, new HiPo exhaust manifolds with new H-Pipe dual aluminized exhaust system fitted with correct GT tips (LINK), these manifolds that were used on the ‘K’ codes give more power and are newly cast to look as factory, this should now produce about 235 horsepower instead of the original 225 due to these very desired upgrades, all new belts, hoses and clamps in the engine bay, new fuel tank kit for clean delivery of fresh gas, has the gas intake system and new sending unit, it takes lots of professional effort to install, steel fuel lines to the front of the car, (SEE LINK OF INSTALL),  has the new full tune up that includes the new points for the checked distributor, a new condenser, new spark plugs, then the Fraser Dante special hi tech VR1 20-50 oil with zinc is added with new oil filter (SEE LINK),

transmission: to make this the perfect driven show car, Fraser Dante just installed the fully just rebuilt C4 automatic transmission (LINK), this unit was handled by our top sub who has done quality work for us for many years, it is very hard to find these C-4 units today, less than 75 miles on the build, to ensure the transmission was in perfect working order and shifting effortlessly, this was taken back to the shop for a 2nd time and completely rebuilt again late July 2018, (LINK), all three speeds work just perfect! Very few classic Mustangs have such a fresh, fully checked and tested transmission,

steering sector: the new Borgeson variable steering unit that is much better than stock is just installed in this last restoration, Fraser Dante only uses this upgrade that is better than stock with the variable ratio unit and does not leak as the Ford units, this is worth $2300 with all the kit, the professional work to install, then after the new steering is installed, then the car is just computer aligned with the specs to confirm

Braking/Suspension: the braking system is just gone through for safety, FULL new front GT disc brakes, rotors, calipers, brake pads, hoses, new master cylinder, also new rear brake drums, shoes, wheel cylinders, hardware kit, rear hoses, all new steel brake line kit, (LINK), all new suspension - front and rear (LINK), new correct upper and lower control arms, coil springs, rear leaf springs, shackle kits, 4 new shocks, see LINK for rear end numbers, rear axle carrier checked with new bearings and axle seals, (LINK), then a new updated 1” Shelby sway bar with bushings for better handling, full alignment just completed (LINK),

Wheels/Tires: equipped with the proper 1966 14x5.5” Mustang styled steel wheels painted correctly with the new center caps, full trim rings and proper lug nuts, these wheels have the expensive show quality Coker 195/75/14 Classic Redline Radial tires mounted, prefect look for shows,

Driveshaft: working with Fraser Dante is an added benefit for those who really want their classic Mustang to drive ‘as new’, we are not a warehouse operation as Fraser Dante has professional restoration staff, we see areas like finding out that this driveshaft had been in the car for many years, most likely from new, now at considerable expense we had the driveshaft professionally rebuilt by our top sub, the main tube is tube spun and fully checked, new “U” joints installed to make sure this is vibration free and strong, the slip yoke has even been addressed, said the balanced, restored driveshaft in order to insure safe and vibration free driving, fully balanced and strength checked, new yokes and slip joints restored, then painted black to protect (LINK), then picked up and reinstalled after the chassis detail, this whole process of the driveline work alone is a $630 addition including the trips to take and return, then a test drive is done to check,

HVAC: has a great working Vintage air conditioning, the added air conditioning system is just checked to make sure it works well, in today’s market, it takes almost $4000 to put in this newer unit in and it ‘blows cold’…this along with the new uprated aluminum radiator that is painted black to look relatively stock, has the additional fan shroud, very expensive for this full install, thusly now has a very desirable cooling system,

Interior: very nice and very rare, rare full factory ORIGINAL Turquoise and White Pony Interior, looks great, great factory wood GT steering wheel, white hump hugger center console, day/night rearview mirror, woodgrain dash, working factory AM radio, has the original very rare 1966 Rally Pac with the original tachometer working, the clock does not, front safety belts, rear belts, the trunk is fully detailed (LINK), see link to data tag (LINK),

Summary: very hard to find such a great body on a 1966 GT convertible with top mechanicals, strong dated engine, great even compression, full tune, the attached above sheets of numbers are part of this report to add to the authenticity, items like the working Vintage air conditioning system are very desirable extras, here is a car that has a serious world wide demand for such quality, complete final restoration and mechanical check for final finish Summer 2018 now ready for shows and driving for Fall 2018, hard to find as this ‘real deal GT Convertible’ with striking appearance with final prep just completed, full options, see GT information (LINK), just prepared by Fraser Dante and ready for driven show with excellent mechanicals and fresh full detailing of a GT convertible at a great price of $54,950