MUSTANG 1968 GT ‘S’ CODE 390 4-



1968 Mustang GT ‘S ‘CODE 390 convertible, 4-speed that is very, very rare with one/one production as highly verified by Kevin Marti (LINK), sold by the World’s First Ford Dealer, Hughson Ford Sales of San Francisco, lots of history to prove this is a serious investment piece with very unusual and desirable options on a verified big block convertible, said value is ascertained with the available 100% verifications, the attached (LINKS) to this report verify the investment value, this is built for San Francisco with late April 17, 1968 production with so many desirable options as a fully documented beautiful triple white color, called Wimbledon White (1619-A) with Parchment bucket seated interior, Parchment power top, split glass rear window, the car looks fantastic, dated original rebuilt 390cid/4v engine and heads, enormous torque, see all the very exacting numbers pulled in this report to verify, wonderful very strong compression, new hand built ‘H’ pipe dual aluminized exhaust system that took expertise and many hours, proper air cleaner, detailed for show, 4-speed, power steering, fresh power disc brakes, factory air conditioning, brand new show aluminized GT ‘H’ pipe dual exhaust system just installed, 3.00:1 limited slip 9” rear end with locking differential, full tune and mechanical setup just completed, new heavy duty Valvoline VR1 special 20-50 high zinc oil and filter just changed, a fresh fantastic red oxided superior underchassis just completed with show presentation, brand new springs front and rear just installed to achieve the proper attitude and stance, stamped factory GT wheels, trim rings and center caps that are fitted with proper size F70x14 bias ply tires, there are two  Marti reports to document this amazing San Jose, California car (LINK) that was sent to San Francisco for Hughson Ford Sales, said dealership went to meet Henry Ford in 1901, thusly has said full Marti documents, also has the Window Sticker (LINK), also has the proper Data Tag to confirm production (LINK), many manuals (LINK) with all to achieve top proved credentials, a rare big block Mustang convertible that is for the serious investor, just out of the Fraser Dante restoration facility with preparation to insure this can be show driven, an investment Mustang,

Body: hard to find such a terrific body that still has all the original rear quarter panels and front fenders, all signs that these sheet metal pieces are ‘as factory’, has the proper GT metal hood with insert hood turn signal indicators, great fitting doors and trunk lid panel, when viewing the rear quarters, this has really excellent steel leading down the side, then going to the lower chassis that has the original rocker panels, excellent lower chassis ‘pinch’ welds and FOMOCO stampings on said lower horizontal rockers, the proper and correct chrome trim with all the GT badging including the fuel cap door, factory polished stainless that is very nice with all header panels, both bumpers front and rear are excellent, fully detailed trunk (LINK),

Engine: the most investment type vehicle is the documented big block convertible, the important part of the Ford Mustang GT is the original big block 390cid engine that is very rare in a convertible, this is the original rebuilt FE C7ME unit properly dated 8.B.5 with factory rating of 335 horsepower, enormous 427 ft/lbs of torque (SEE LINK OF NUMBERS AND DATES), very strong compression better than original with 178 to 186 lbs in a dry cold reading (LINK), just outstanding, this hydraulic lifter engine still has the dated C8AE-H heads, has the stock C8AE-9425-F intake manifold, again all of these number are shown on the essential (LINKS) and are most important in this report, this engine sounds just wonderful,   

In order to insure proper operation, a modern Holley electric choke carburetor #30670-D 0290, upgraded Pertronix ignition module and coil to make this fire well, has correct, proper stamped radiator hoses, striped heater hoses with correct hose clamps, all wiring is excellent, heavy duty battery cables and the new clamps make sure this fires well, note that this is highly detailed for top driven show with all the work completed for Summer 2017, 

exhaust system: here is an area that is very hard to do and now just completed with extensive effort to top show standards with a hand mandrel bent curved ‘H’ pipe equalizer full aluminized 2 1/4” dual exhaust aluminized system, when this was received in the Fraser Dante restoration facility, this had a steel correct exhaust system that was just so-so, (LINK) since this chassis is so wonderful and this GT 390 so rare, a proper show system needed to be added, this is very difficult to accomplish as the large FE block is very big in the Mustang bay, this is especially difficult with the 4-speed transmission and clutch shift linkage that extend down, very small area to work with, our top shop spent about 3 days on this project to create an expensive brand new, hand mandrel bent ‘H’ pipe that is curved and then welded to side pipe to create an equalized back pressure full aluminized 2 1/4” dual exhaust system that is just completed, note that to do this correctly just like the factory original, each system is slightly different from side to side as this hand worked system from the exhaust manifolds with the short 2” drop pipe then leading to the 2 ¼” pipes is created, then going back with new dual ‘Turbo’ mufflers and hangers, these mufflers look stock but yield a more mellow sound, the ‘H’ cross pipe supplied from Mustangs Unlimited did not come close to fitting under the chassis this 4 speed transmission car, that unit had to be modified to fit under the car that is specialty built and now installed, then after coming back to the Fraser Dante shop, these welds are then filed and exhaust prepared for show, photos document (LINK), the wonderful installation just completed, also has the proper chrome dual GT exhaust tips, costing for such a system is at least $1250, this exhaust build will add to the investment quality and show appeal,

transmission: this has the proper 4-speed transmission dated and cast C8AR-7006-D (SEE LINK)with factory linkage, proper factory shift handle and the working reserve lockout, the GT with the enormous torque and the 4-speed manual transmission recorded quarter mile times of approximately 13 seconds and trap speeds of over 105 mph, to put power to the ground, note that this has the factory presentation hard to find today,   
Underchassis: a very high area and important in the value is the lower underchassis area that is simply just excellent, to find a big block GT convertible still presenting with an amazing presentation just show presented, (SEE LINK), received with the original floors that were a very clean as an unmolested driver quality from new, then many, many hours of professional restoration staff just now completed by Fraser Dante to now accomplish the red oxided sensation underchassis presenting for top show judging, the terrific floors are all original with the exception of one very tiny area, now fixed, in the passenger side rear footwell that looks factory original, the full photo documentation of the work just completed (LINK),see the photos even show prior to reinstall of driveshaft to prove how solid and detailed they are before the the final restoration work just completed (LINKS),

Interior: proper parchment bucket seated full interior, working Philco AM radio, 4 factory Ford Mustang parchment safety belts, remote adjustable driver’s outside mirror, long factory stock console with safety belt holders, has the correct reverse lock-out shifter, 4 Mustang floor mats, black carpet, has the Ford Mustang GT steering wheel, proper and excellent dash pad with the off white contrasting metal on the lower part of the inside trim, the dash bezels are top notch with the nice chrome trim, has the GT tachometer,  

Has the tinted front windshield, all excellent proper side glass around the car, proper window handles make all the side glass work well, had new door handles both inside and out,

Trim:  note the great chrome and stainless trim around the GT is first class, see the highly designed aggressive rear end with the curved sheet metal and the proper Mustang trim, has the GT gas cap, also the top side high belt chrome belt trim is new, same with the front window trim,

Top: to complete the triple white factory package, this has an excellent white (parchment) power top with the uprated factory glass split rear window, looks excellent with this rare white color combination and the contrasting black GT ‘C’ stripe,

Brakes/Suspension: here is an important area, note that when the car was received in the Fraser Dante restoration facility, the original springs both front and rear that were still on the car and it sat too low, thusly when this last restoration work was just completed, these springs were changed both front and rear and have now just been replaced, it takes lots of effort to install and compress these said heavy duty proper new front coils and rear leaf springs with shackles installed (LINK), this work sets the proper ‘attitude’ and level of the GT car, since all of this new suspension work was done, then the car is just aligned with full specs (LINK), has strong 4 KYB shocks, now this GT will handle like new,

In order to make this stop well, in the Fraser Dante shop, now just rebuilt are the front power disc brakes, then the rear drums fully checked with shoes and hardware, proper working new master cylinder, then all brake fluids checked and then road tested, as factory ordered, this is a very rare and strong, 3.00:1 rear gear, limited slip 9” rear end with locking differential, Goodyear Polyglas F70-14 tires mounted on GT wheels (LINK) with trim rings and center caps for the authentic look,

History of the 1968 Mustang GT: The 1967 model year Mustang was the first re-design of the original successful model as Ford's designers began drawing up a larger version even as the original was achieving sales success, with a larger more aggressive body with the overall size, interior and cargo space being increased, this highly designed sheet metal was good but the ability to install a big block V8 was very important, after this 1967 edition was well received with that new design morphed in the revised 1968, although said 1968 GT was made so very famous by Steve McQueen in his chase scene, the 1968 model had increased safety items as a two-spoke energy-absorbing steering wheel, design items like the front and rear side markers, "FORD" lettering removed from hood, the rearview mirror moved from frame to windshield, aggressive C-Stripe graphics were added, exterior trim changes included concave taillights, chrome side ornamentation, square rear-view mirrors and wheel and gas cap changes,

Summary: this particular 1968 GT ‘S’ Code Triple White convertible is the epitome of that year with amazing options and a great original body, a serious very documented investment piece, power steering, power brakes, factory air conditioning, fantastic detailed, dated 390cid engine with mandrel bent GT aluminized exhaust system, 9” limited slip rear end, terrific red oxided floor pans just completed for show conditions, excellent pricing for 1/1 GT 390 big block convertible with just fantastic options, well investment piece priced at $66,950