This is a 1965 Shelby GT 350 Clone that is really terrific both mechanically and cosmetically to high standards, completely documented restored with an exacting presentation for proven top Driven Show quality, has the proper appearance of the early 1965 cars with the factory finned rear quarter inserts and no side scoops, there is great emphasis here on strong performance yet reliable driving and terrific handling, displayed in the paddock and driven to the 2017 Walter Mitty at Road Atlanta,  correct beautiful Shelby Wimbledon White color with dark Blue full body striping along with side Shelby 1965 proper side stripes, built 1987 period Fuel Injected 5.0 Liter Engine with GT40 Intakes,  polished Cold Air induction system, TFI Ignition, very even strong compression, great cooling with Aluminum Radiator with Electric Fan, highly detailed show engine bay, rear mounted battery with heavy duty cables, 1965 GT 350 side under body exhaust extensions and Glass pack mufflers, a full new gas tank system installed,  5-Speed Tremec Transmission, Custom Aluminum Drive Shaft, Ford 8.8” Rear End, Road Course Suspension with lowered new springs both front and rear, heavy duty Sway Bar,  uprated KYB shocks,  4 Wheel Disc Brakes with Ford Racing cabin mounted Bias Brake Adjuster, brand new  ‘Shelby’ lightweight alloy 17x9 wheels with Mustang center with Nexen performance radial tires, this strong suspension fitted with new front blue special coils sitting well and brand new rear leaf springs just installed,  special under hood chassis supports, rear mounted battery tray,  this original Charlotte car has great history with an exception chassis with terrific lower body pinch welds and Ford rocker stampings,  factory Carlite rear window, full new dash with gauges,  has the period Bosch Retro tachometer installed, the proper seats are just built from original Mustang buckets with new padding and black standard covers,  racing safety belts, new black carpet, hand built rear ‘package’ shelf for the spare tire that is fitted with the Custom Autosound radio system speakers, the underchassis is extremely solid with detailing for high end driven show appearance that is just completed Fall 2017 with extensive photo documentation, car used as the Fraser Dante Spring 2017 show car at the Walter Mitty at Road Atlanta, then taken out for display purposes only during the full year, now fresh preparation ready for Spring 2018 driving and shows,

History:  built from an original very solid 1966 ‘C’ code 2+2 production unit, this body is so good that this has the original fender ‘Buck Tag’ still attached  (LINK), also has the original proper original door data tag (LINK), this original Charlotte car has very nice history with an exception chassis with terrific lower body pinch welds and Ford rocker stampings,  factory Carlite rear window, this is a just gorgeous off-white proper paint color with great luster and a terrific body,  many restoration photos document the initial construction of this terrific Shelby clone (LINK), there are many more photos in the file to document this initial build that is even before the final upgrading was completed by Fraser Dante, note the GT350 markings on the car with the rear valence, also has the special Shelby inner fender tag that is stamped with SFM5S200FDN showing the Fraser Dante build (LINK), very similar to the real GT350 Shelby racing at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion shown on the back cover of August 2015 Autoweek (LINK),

See the LINKS to the factory promotional literature showing the real cars that look just like this car, really feels and handlings like the real deal,  was found by last owner’s who are well known to us for top quality classic Mustangs and build these as a labor of love, then after moving to Atlanta, the Fraser Dante restoration finish work is taken to the next level and shown with photos of the top techs working on the car,  uprated alloy wheels, radial tires, full suspension,  proper striping, Shelby steering steering wheel, cool period tach and lots of other such work is completed to make this look terrific and really sounds great,

Recent History: this car was found with a lot of the initial build and restoration initially completed, photos document a lot of that previous work (LINK), there are more photos in the file, then this went to Fraser Dante with additional work to bring to another level that is covered in this report,  photos show this in our shop as work progressed (LINK), the described such work is ongoing to achieve high exterior quality and said completed build with road testing was initially finished for Fall 2017 shows as the Fraser Dante display and feature car with a really striking appearance,  note that this was used as the Fraser Dante sjpw car and was initially driven to a March 2016 extremely large Café & Octane monthly show (SEE PHOTOS AND LINK) in North Atlanta for the presentation of the top quality of Fraser Dante’s work, said shows have about 2000 cars from terrific classics to race cars to new factory Porsches,  Mercedes Benz and other makes, spectator interesting personal cars and all ages of car lovers!  Next this was kept in our showroom as feature car, then freshly prepared and shown for display at the April 2017 Walter Mitty at Road Atlanta, (LINK), going there on an Interstate, there in the paddock for a 3-day display, then back to Fraser Dante home in stop and go traffic, 83o and no overheating, some 100+ carefree and really fun miles, it drove great!  Then back on the lift in the Fraser Dante shop for many hours of the final high end chassis show detailing along with full check of all final mechanicals,

Suspension/braking:  this 1965 Shelby GT 350 Carryover Replica is built with heavy duty lowered suspension and uprated under hood body supports to keep said chassis firm,  one can  see the under the hood engine bay great effort is completed as one can see the special installation of the straight Monte Carlo bar bolted to the shock tower areas, then there are additional special supports from the front firewall with dual bars to each side of the engine bay to keep the chassis rigid,  these additional supports have a special made bracket attached to the firewall top for additional strength of these bars,  see the close up photos of said support work that  makes this 2+2 great to drive, has the front large Shelby 1” sway bar with bushings,  just set up with lowered heavy duty front blue coil springs,  then brand new rear leaf springs just installed for a very firm rear (LINK), the attitude of the car is lowered and correct with the Shelby stance, the shocks are excellent heavy duty KYB units, finally the alignment is just checked by a top expert with the settings,  the final engineering has professional effort to note that all of said suspension work keeps this car very firm when driving  and handles well, whole new lower front end redone for looks and handling, the front end bushings, the ball joints are done along with the tie rod ends, lower control arms with new bushings, for excellent stopping to enjoy the performance of this terrific 2+2 is the application and installation of the 4-wheel disc brakes,  these excellent brakes have had the discs and pads that are just checked in the Fraser Dante shop and then road tested,  photos document said work, LINK the new wheels and tires look very similar to the Shelby “R’ code wheels that are in actually 17x9 newer alloys with argent centers and brushed polished outside, has the proper lug nuts and Mustang center caps, the tires are the low profile 245/40/ZR17 Nexen N3000 performance radials to complete the aggressive ‘look’,  this tracks really great,  

Engine: for ease of strong fun driving to reliability the rebuilt Ford block,  has the 1987 Fuel Injected 5.0 Liter Engine with the uprated GT40 upper and lower Intakes,  new 65 mm throttle body, Cobra main plate, Cobra special valve covers, this said engine was installed by the initial builder, the casting is E7TE CA and the Date Code is 7.a.7, one can tell that this has an uprated cam with a strong rumble, excellent compression with proper readings for this hydraulic lifter engine, with very even compression with 130 to 135 lbs across with dry cold readings just taken (LINK), then the final work shows this was upgraded by Fraser Dante with the heavy duty 9mm Ford Racing Hi Performance spark plug wires, these are new Ford Racing 45D 8mm high performance that deliver great spark (LINK), fresh NKG spark plugs, this has a full show polished Cold Air induction system with K&N filter, uprated Aluminum radiator with temperature gauge radiator cap, Electric Fan,  fresh coolant just added, a TFI Ignition,  separate external coil, all the hoses and wiring are fresh, standard exhaust manifolds connect the proper looking 1965 GT 350 side under chassis exhaust and glass pack mufflers, estimated horsepower at about 300+ from our cam and head specialist, one can tell this has a slightly uprated camshaft with the loop of the engine coming out of the short 1965 side exhaust, this engine will run 93o lead free octane gas that makes a road trip with the 5 speed transmission that is really great fun, a full new gas tank and system just installed for fresh fuel,  the oil and filter just changed, highly detailed show engine bay,  the oil pan is a brand new 289/302 factory unit for great oiling and new gaskets,  the serpentine belt is new, the rear mounted battery (like the 1965 GT350’s) is a brand new unit for cranking power and safety that has the heavy duty cables to the engine bay, also has a shut off safety switch, this adds to the excellent handling as the ‘R’ Code had,

The uprated Tremac 5 speed transmission with inside period shifter that works like a charm, it is connected to a specially made, large aluminum driveshaft, to monitor the rpm, just installed is the new period tachometer, it is a Bosch ‘Retro Line’ unit that is very cool for the period and mounted on the steering column as would be appropriate, the special wiring just completed for accurate readings (SEE LINK),

The lighting is just checked and works well when driven to the Café and Octane and Road Atlanta show at the Vintage car races with Tevie Fraser and Hurley Haywood in the early morning time, (LINK), good lighting with the headlights being Sylvania Performance halogen units,  the running lights, the brake lights and turn signals work, the backup lights are not connected as to the newer Tremac 5-speed but the rear valence has said outside bezels for show,  

Body/chassis: note that the 1965 Shelby GT 350 appearance package with the stock rear window slotted valence that are finished in top notch condition, this is the look for 1965s just like this with the change coming with the the latter 1965/66 Carry-Overs that had the lexan clear rear quarter glass window and the side scoops whereas this 1965 looks factory correct LINK TO PROMOTIONS), top Driven Show Quality Car with truly outstanding presentation on very nice paint with excellent luster and very good body fit, very solid and rust free, note that the hood is desirable all steel and has the working Shelby scoop open air intake,  the fenders have the Ford proper stampings, the VIN# is very clear in the inner fender, again, the body is so original that this still has the factory fender ‘buck’ data tag attached, see the (LINK) of the numbers and photo of this attached to the driver’s side inner fender,  this shows how well this chassis has been maintained for its life,  also the original lower Ford factory stamped rocker panels are shown with numbers (LINK),  this confirms the solid chassis with authencity,

the rear quarters are very straight with excellent lines and also believed being original to the car, the high point is the very, very good underchassis with examination showing that the passenger side foot well is the only lower chassis area replaced and that is nicely done, very clean and not undercoated chassis, (LINK) just polished with the painted highly presented floors that are sealed and so very solid,  this car still has the factory side pinch welds and Ford number stampings on the underside of the lower rockers that are very hard to find in such good shape today (SEE LINK), the side ‘pinch’ welds are very straight and ‘as factory’,  also has the 3 lower rubber bump stops properly set on the lower part of the rear chassis, here is a rare 1966 Mustang 2+2 set up as a 1965 Shelby factory look, has the really exceptionally presented floors and original body panels that will pass tough European standards and the demanding collector who understands quality for a driven show car, this is equipped with a custom made rear package tray and new black carpet with the spare wheel and tire mounted on top of said custom made shelf,  this has black carpet, there are speakers mounted on the side of said shelf that is a good place for the nice sound,

Note that for better weight distribution and as per the race Shelby’s of the era, this has a very expensive rear mounted battery with shut off switch that is mounted in a special tray with hold down, has the heavy-duty cables from the engine bay, this a Motorcraft 24FA BXT unit with strong cold cranking amps and is brand new, (LINK), lower rocker molding panel numbers (LINK), The final detailing for the trunk area is just finished with the Fraser Dante restoration staff, everything in the very solid rear trunk area is stripped, then primed and then painted body color,  photos show the work being completed, then the trunk mat installed, (LINK),

Interior:  this whole new dash with proper bezel is new, all the gauges work,  the black trim inside is extremely nice,  this was found with a more modern set of seats that did not look right for such a nice 1965 Shelby GT 350 replica,  thusly Fraser Dante found an original set of 1965 seats were found, they were stripped and the frame painted to protect (SEE LINK), then the seats had a professional shop replace all new proper padding purchased from the Mustang supplier, then the 1965 black standard seats covers with the ‘no weave pattern’ were installed, (LINK) they look just great, a top shop completed with top hand labor,  the proper looking and safe racing seat belts with heavy duty release are installed,  all new black carpet,  the door panels are also correct black 1965 standard units with all new door chrome handles just installed both inside and out,  the black headliner is all brand new and a real expert installation, dual sun visors and rear view mirror,  has the brand new door show sills and black Ford logos in the sills  just installed, then the new steering wheel is just upgraded to the great looking and expensive Shelby wood and aluminum steering wheel that is just installed,  as mentioned above, then the new period tachometer that is a very accurate is a Bosch ‘Retro Line’ unit that is very cool for the period and mounted on the steering column as would be appropriate, new special wiring just completed for accurate readings (SEE LINK), this has the Custom Autosound radio with stock looking dash plate that has the modern attachments,  see the inner rear shelf mounted alloy spare tire being presented like the ‘R’ models had, this custom made unit adds to the GT 350 look, has better weight distribution,  this specially constructed shelf is even set up with nice black carpet and working rear mounted speakers for the cool sound system,

Windows/trim: very unusual to find today is all the factory Carlite glass, both door sides have the said markings on the side vent glass, both windows and the important large rear glass unit, the effort on the build continues in that the front windshield is a new tinted unit made with the Carlite stampings,  new window felts are installed, All the door handles inside and out are just new, the front and rear bumpers and attached riders are also new, has the Shelby fuel tank filler door cover, side and rear markings,  many documents in this report yield great and current information on this great Shelby replica,

Summary:  here is a terrific presentation fresh out of the Fraser Dante technical shop, one of a most solid early 1965 Shelby GT350 replica that is set up for top Driven Show, excellent lower chassis, great exterior presence,  the rear mounted battery is a brand new Motorcraft 24FA unit with heavy duty cables from the engine bay that yields a better balance to the driving as per the race Shelby’s,  great ‘modern’ strong uprated FI engine, terrific 4-wheel disc braking,  great fresh suspension and the 5-speed transmission make this a joy to drive, final work is prepared now with new upgrades for Fall 2017 shows, offered with just full check of mechanicals, all head and taillights work, really great cosmetics, a terrific sound along with driven proven show credentials, now ready to go, $55,000