1965 Mustang Torch Red Resto Rod powered stock bodied convertible that is a completely rotisserie restored as a ‘GT’ with front light bar and rear dual exhaust valence, really a just sensational presentation with a stock body with wonderful fit and really ‘great eyes’, extraordinary record of the wonderful body and underchassis construction, built with updated suspension and full power upgrades to yield a really marvelous ‘resto’ gorgeous convertible, strong streetable re-built 5.0 litre FI ‘modern’ engine with machine shop receipt, complete tune, full electronics, all modern current repair shops can easily maintain this great build, highly detailed, shorty ceramic headers leading to the dual aluminized exhaust system with resonators and catalytic converters, 4 speed AOD automatic transmission, Vintage Air Conditioning system that works great, blows cold, has the uprated Champion aluminum radiator with a unique 3 fan cooling system, has the Surefit Serpentine belt system, expensive uprated coil-over front suspension with shock towers removed, tubular ‘A’ arms, front Shelby HD sway bar, larger front dual line disk brakes, rear drums, Aeroquip steel lines, new wheels just installed in the finish to clear the larger front dual line disc brakes that are 15x7 Magnum 500s with 205/60/15 Dunlop Signature radials, a fully restored presentation with way over 400 hours just in notes of professionally body and underchassis exacting detail, then plus the mechanicals and suspension are additional, this drives just exceptionally, this report has many of said LINKS that carefully explain the build and condition today, the exceptional full body fit is highly detailed with many professional hours, virtually better than ‘new’ condition,

full new vacuum fluorescent digital dash with solid state technology, uprated Custom Autosound radio system, even has the well-padded Pony parchment seats and Pony side panels, additional items like the power windows are among the extras included, real correct proper GT steering wheel that is mounted with new expensive Ididit tilt column, red carpets, red Mustang mats, 4 custom Mustang safety belts, documented $109,197 in extensive amount of build receipts along with many notes and specs that are part of the great file, full Fraser Dante testing to complete the build, the wonderful body and underchassis construction to better than factory standards, lines are straight, the show painted black professionally restored underchassis confirms all the exceptional work, many LINKS show the notes of the build pieces to confirm work and exactly what was used in the build, now ready for Summer 2017 completion that had this testing in a Summer August day with the outside heat at 91o with the air conditioning on while the car temperature did not go over 207o in stop and go traffic, just finished for the final full restoration in the Fraser Dante Mustang facility as a top driven show car, the stock body along with just terrific mechanicals for the demanding collector who wants a car to drive exceptionally well to go along with its’ really fine looks,

Engine/drivetrain: to bring this into the ‘modern’ era, this full highly detailed show engine bay has the freshly rebuilt engine is the Mustang 5.0 Litre/302 engine of the late ‘80s until the mid ‘90s era, attached is the receipt from the machine shop (LINK), that shows the machine shop first cleaned and then carefully honed and re-bored the block to a proper +.030 and block sleeved for new pistons and for great cooling, the crankshaft is ground to a proper +.010/.010 with new rod bearings, the block thusly has new pistons and rings, the  hydraulic lifter heads make this able to be able to use with the engine the effortless operation, heads are shown to have a valve job and the surfaced to flat plain of the block, this will yield the strong and smooth power of estimated about 300 reliable horsepower with the factory fuel injection set up and the electronic ignition and full electrical setup, this is easy to be maintained with modern testers that all shops use today, this strong and smooth unit has the upgraded ‘JBA’ polished ceramic ‘shorty’ headers leading to a full 2 ¼” aluminized exhaust system with Flowmaster mufflers and resonators and this has a set of catalytic converters installed for said electronic module, fresh spark plugs, this yields a nice subtle ‘rumble’ while adding more horsepower than the stock engine, note that with this ‘modern’ engine with the wiring and the computers will yield the excellent reliability with these specs, this has fresh oil and filter just installed, driving enjoyment and maintaining should be very high,  

cooling/testing: here is a highlight of the build of this great Mustang convertible, it is equipped with the heavy duty Champion aluminum radiator that has fresh hoses and clamps,  in order to have this engine run cool and far better than a stock 1965 Mustang 289cid, this Fuel Injection engine should run at 195 to 208 degrees on a hot day, in order to accomplish that goal, this has three 10” fans!!!  The front fan is mounted in front of the radiator and is a ‘pusher’ unit that is really a extra unit, this is wired to a remote toggle switch mounted under the dash so it can be used or not depending on road conditions, the other two are ‘puller’ 10” units mounted behind the radiator are activated by the ignition switch and used all the time, now in testing in August 2017, this was taken in heavy traffic near Fraser Dante in a 88o day, the reading was a terrific 197o, then taken out in the 92o with heavy 90% humidity later time, the maximum reading obtained is only 207o in stop and go traffic, really perfect for the fuel injected engine, on cool and normal days in the 78-82o degrees, this will run in the 190o range, fresh anti-freeze and thermostat just installed, JUST OUTSTANDING!!!

transmission:  in order to make this drive well with the uprated 5.0 litre engine, this now has the desirable 4-speed AOD automatic unit that has the overdrive function, a just wonderful setup to be able to use in the ‘real’ world today, better for cruising, see the photo of the inside shift handle that is installed in the expensive custom console,

wiring: here is a high point of the build, to insure high performance, all the wiring is brand new throughout, many documents document the parts used and how to maintain this wonderful build, i.e., note the Ford Voltage Regulator wiring diagram from the Junk Yard Genius system (LINK), that are just part of said build history, one can see the close up photos taken by Fraser Dante in the engine bay to confirm all this new work, then attention to detail with the tie downs and wrapping of some wires to protect, see the different colors so one can trace the build work in the upkeep for the future, the Flaming River dimmer switch is even used in the tilt column build for top quality, see the brochure for the ‘Odyssey’ digital Performance Speedometer (LINK),

History:  a fantastic build of street driven show car out of Alabama, a gentleman was building his dream car with an enormous legend of receipts, virtually spent whatever needed to complete the best Mustang convertible he could, then he passed away and this was purchased from his estate, the file has over $100,000+++ in receipts and notes in the build (SEE HIS NOTES ABOUT COSTING), this only what was there when found, this fantastic Mustang is then finished in the Fraser Dante shop, these receipts are so extensive that it is hard to fine such documentation, a whole file of the wonderful paint and body work is 12 pages long with fastidious notes,

Body and underchassis:  there are documented $109,197 in build receipts from the initial restorer started in 2012 for that long process and then the final completed work by Fraser Dante for Summer 2017 (SEE LINK OF COVER PAGES), this whole file really enormous file plus the completion work by Fraser Dante comes with the car showing the investment in the car,

Just a really sensational body and chassis, all very solid steel, lines of the body are laser straight, the body and prep show that every aspect of the build is noted by the builder with over 400 hours of his body and chassis work on the 12 pages showing the great torque boxes, the black solid show underchassis that is presented with mirrors with the final detailing completed by Fraser Dante, the rear quarters were replaced and installed better than factory new, no rust anywhere, the front fenders and the doors had hours and hours of work just to fit perfectly, they open and close just great, the floors in the underchassis are just so pretty and solid that are ‘new’ and painted show black so one can see the quality, with the builder’s careful notes that he did his very best for top quality, LINK note the final Fraser Dante showroom presentation!

Suspension/brakes: note that this great build has the full new complete suspension, the very expensive front end is a fullk coil-over installation with the removal of the shock towers, notes in the build shows the care and attention of these coil-overs, these are Mustang II design units,

These units are adjustable for personal driving, it is fitted with the expensive Flaming River steering box, the rear end has fresh dope just checked, the rear end chunk is detailed with the proper original Red Oxide, all the shocks are new, with said Mustang 11 front suspension build this now has the front tubular ‘A’ arms, this unit couples with the front 1” Shelby HD sway bar, new full springs both front and rear are strong with the attitude of the car slightly lower for better handling, now for great stopping, this has dual line master cylinder power front disc brakes and the rear drums, (LINK), these uprated brakes are great for safety, also has better steel braided Aeroquip lines, all just checked, the handling is exceptional with the larger than stock wheels that put more modern rubber on the ground with a larger and lower profile tire, these are 15x7 Magnum chrome and black 500s with proper center caps and lug nuts, the new tires are 205/60/15 Dunlop Signature radials,

steering: a great upgrade in the steering is the installation of the Flaming River Mustang II variable ratio power rack and pinion that yields just excellent handling, this expensive unit makes this drive like a modern car!

Interior: here again is a better than factory quality with the complete factory Pony off white/parchment full completed bucket seated interior, firmly padded seats, full Pony side panels, even has the very expensive Mustang logo matching safety belts, new red carpets, red Mustang expensive floor mats, also a special custom console that is installed, this is a larger unit with dual cup holders, has a shifter base wood insert,

Note that the expensive GT wood steering wheel is installed on the brushed aluminum column tilt Ididit steering column for looks and ease of entrance,  has the added power windows that are checked, all new GT door handles both inside and out, Pony door panels and handles are new, the new window felts for the power windows and the small side stainless strips are brand new,

Dash: a great upgrade is the modern full Dakota Digital vacuum fluorescent dashboard with working gauges in the solid state technology, has the Odyssey Performance speedometer (SEE LINK) that in the GT-style bezel, has a bit of electronic variance that is adjusted with the full technical notes that come with the package, the new factory wood faced GT dash pod is correct for the new digital gauges along with the passanger side glove box, has a Custom AutoSound AM/FM with the CD changer controller (LINK), is located in the in the stock location, the stock dash is painted just beautiful matching color red for the car with the top proper padded dash being the matching parchment color,

The tinted windshield is new with all new rubber seals, all the factory stainless side windshield trim is restored and polished, very nice header top stainless piece, the 4 side power windows are just perfect, has the dual side wind wing windows that work and push out properly, The hood is supported by a Shelby front prop unit since there is so much paint and clear on the hood, it is heavy, the billet hinges are used for show conditions along with gas shocks so it looks great with the hood up,
Chrome and stainless: here again all of the side trim pieces, the bumpers both front and rear are new, the inner and outer door handles are new, this also has dual outside adjustable driving mirrors, all the rear bezels are new, this has the ’66 side ‘finger’ side trim because that is how the first builder desired, looks great with all the Ford trim and the GT side badging, grill is also new, has the GT working light bar,

Lighting:  as noted earlier, all of the wiring in this great build is brand new, new throughout, this is equipped with the modern halogen front headlights so can see well if used at night, the GT front headlights work, even the rear backup lights work, the lighting and turn signals are just checked, see the new wiring of the Vintage Air system shown in the brochure (LINK),

Power top: the brand new correct power colored parchment top is better than brand new and very tightly constructed, it is installed with a new painted frame that is installed, has all new power and fluid lines with diagrams of said purchase, has the uprated glass split rear window, the handles fit great on the back of the header panel, all of this top system works great, has a matching boot for the top being down,

Summary: this 1965 Classic Mustang built with modern upgrades is very highly desired in its stock outside presentation and equipped with full uprated running gear, Flaming River steering, a torquey ‘modern’ 5.0 V8 with fuel injection, full power and strong air conditioning, really a great presentation with a laser straight body and exceptional underchassis, just really great luster to the paint with the Red contrasted the off White, wonderful large file of receipts and specifics of parts used, see LINK to Recap, the final work by Fraser Dante ready for Fall 2017 as a show winner for the new collector, we believe that ‘there is nothing to do” according to the GM of Fraser Dante, it comes with a show sign just made for this car, an exceptional buy way below build costing, offered at a sensational price way under build costing at $78,000